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Matthew Stefan

Matthew  Stefan


Hometown Junction City, Wisconsin
Age 45
Former Occupation Commodity markets investigator
Height 6' 4''
Weight 240 lbs.
Injuries Occasional tendonitis


Top 10 Finishes (Wins)* 0 (0) As of 7/22/2015
Career Earnings* $177,430
Current World Rank 188
Best Finish in 2024 26 - Lay Lake, 3/14/2024
Last 3 Finishes 73 - Chowan River, 6/4/2024
45 - Lake Eufaula, 4/30/2024
53 - Dale Hollow Lake, 4/9/2024
Bassmaster Classics Fished (Won) 0 (0)
REDCREST Championships Fished (Won) 1 (0)

Angling Stuff

Angling Hero "I definitely look up to guys that show unbelievable consistency and represent the sport in a professional manner like Kevin VanDam, Andy Morgan and Cody Meyer. I also look up to my dad and grandpa who got me into fishing and showed me the fundamentals of the sport."
Home Lake Stevens Point Flowage and Wisconsin River (central Wis.)
Favorite Lake Sturgeon Bay/Door County (Lake Michigan)
Least Favorite Lake Beaver Lake – "I don't really dislike it since it fishes to my strengths, but it has bitten me in the behind several times."
Favorite Technique Jerkbaits – "It's like bobber fishing to me. You just wait for the bite to happen."
Primary Fishing Strength Clear, weed-filled natural lakes found in the north
Secondary Fishing Strength River fishing for both largemouth and smallmouth
Biggest Weakness Tidal waters – "It just adds more variables to pay attention to."
Boat Skeeter
Motor Yamaha
Fishing Sponsors Power-Pole, PROcise Outdoors, Skeeter Boat Center (Chippewa Falls, Wis.)
Non-Fishing Sponsors Bridgford Foods, Infinity Wellness and Chiropractic,, ugo wear LLC
Tow Vehicle (Sponsor) Chevrolet Silverado

Personal Stuff

Favorite Food Pizza
Favorite Music I listen to it all as long as it's good music.
Favorite Book/Movie The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Non-Angling Hero My wife Sara – "She encourages me to pursue my passion for the sport of fishing and has supported me fully through the ups and downs along the way."
When Not Fishing "I enjoy being in the outdoors, but being born and raised in Chicago, I do like to spend some free time in the big city since there is so much to offer, except the traffic."
Why He Fishes "I'm a competitive person and enjoy the opportunity to make a living by doing what I love to do. I worked in the corporate world for 12 years and spent the majority of my time wishing I was in a boat. So in March of this year I left the corporate world to pursue a fishing career. So far I don't regret my decision at all. It's amazing how happy you can be when trying to make a living doing what you love to do."
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Tournament Finishes
(Only recent tournaments are included. Not necessarily a career listing.)
Date Tour Event Place
6/4/2024 BPT Chowan River 73  
4/30/2024 BPT Lake Eufaula 45  
4/9/2024 BPT Dale Hollow Lake 53  
3/14/2024 BPT Lay Lake 26  
2/20/2024 BPT Santee Cooper Lakes 35  
1/30/2024 BPT Toledo Bend Reservoir 39  
7/29/2022 MLFPC Lake Champlain 59  
6/16/2022 MLFPC James River 108  
5/12/2022 MLFPC Lake Guntersville 78  
4/21/2022 MLFPC Pickwick Lake 73  
3/13/2022 MLFPC Harris Chain of Lakes 83  
1/27/2022 MLFPC Sam Rayburn Reservoir 45  
9/10/2021 BPT Lake St. Clair 39  
8/17/2021 MLFPC Mississippi River 15  
7/29/2021 MLFPC St. Lawrence River 2  
6/17/2021 MLFPC Potomac River 104  
5/13/2021 MLFPC Lake Eufaula 83  
4/22/2021 MLFPC Lake Murray 15  
3/11/2021 MLFPC Lewis Smith Lake 117  
2/11/2021 MLFPC Lake Okeechobee 23  
8/24/2020 FLWPC Sturgeon Bay 15  
8/11/2020 FLWPC Lake Erie 63  
7/29/2020 FLWPC Mississippi River 27  
6/23/2020 FLWPC Lake Chickamauga 132  
3/19/2020 FLWPC Lake Martin 29  
2/20/2020 FLWPC Harris Chain of Lakes 5  
1/23/2020 FLWPC Sam Rayburn Reservoir 66  
8/9/2019 FLWT- FWC Lake Hamilton 32  
6/27/2019 FLWT Lake Champlain 36  
5/2/2019 FLWT Lake Chickamauga 103  
4/11/2019 FLWT Cherokee Lake 29  
3/28/2019 FLWT Grand Lake 55  
3/7/2019 FLWT Lake Seminole 49  
2/7/2019 FLWT Lake Toho 57  
1/10/2019 FLWT Sam Rayburn Reservoir 124  
8/10/2018 FLWT- FWC Lake Ouachita 34  
6/28/2018 FLWT Lake St. Clair 70  
5/17/2018 FLWT Kentucky Lake 53  
4/26/2018 FLWT Smith Lake 40  
4/12/2018 FLWT Lake Cumberland 60  
3/8/2018 FLWT Lake Lanier 21  
2/22/2018 FLWT Harris Chain of Lakes 81  
1/25/2018 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 94  
8/11/2017 FLWT- FWC Lake Murray 47  
6/15/2017 FLWT Potomac River 127  
5/18/2017 FLWT Mississippi River 8  
4/27/2017 FLWT Beaver Lake 18  
4/6/2017 FLWT Lake Cumberland 20  
3/9/2017 FLWT Harris Chain of Lakes 48  
2/16/2017 FLWT Lake Travis 95  
2/2/2017 FLWT Lake Guntersville 71  
6/23/2016 FLWT Lake Champlain 25  
6/9/2016 FLWT Kentucky Lake 63  
5/5/2016 FLWT Pickwick Lake 107  
4/14/2016 FLWT Beaver Lake 64  
3/17/2016 FLWT Lake Hartwell 95  
2/4/2016 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 13  
8/20/2015 FLWT- FWC Lake Ouachita 24  
6/25/2015 FLWT Potomac River 46  
6/11/2015 FLWT Lake Chickamauga 83  
5/14/2015 FLWT Lake Eufaula 31  
4/23/2015 FLWT Beaver Lake 37  
3/26/2015 FLWT Lewis Smith Lake 28  
3/5/2015 FLWT Lake Toho 20  
8/14/2014 FLWT Lake Murray 13  
6/26/2014 FLWT Kentucky Lake 35  
6/5/2014 FLWT Pickwick Lake 34  
4/10/2014 FLWT Beaver Lake 105  
3/27/2014 FLWT Sam Rayburn Reservoir 42  
3/6/2014 FLWT Lake Hartwell 72  
2/6/2014 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 50  
6/27/2013 FLWT Lake Chickamauga 27  
6/6/2013 FLWT Grand Lake 20  
5/16/2013 FLWT Lake Eufaula 130  
4/11/2013 FLWT Beaver Lake 102  
3/7/2013 FLWT Lewis Smith Lake 44  
2/7/2013 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 144  
6/28/2012 FLWT Lake Champlain 61  
6/7/2012 FLWT Kentucky Lake 138  
5/17/2012 FLWT Potomac River 129  
4/26/2012 FLWT Beaver Lake 69  
3/29/2012 FLWT Table Rock Lake 67  
3/8/2012 FLWT Lake Hartwell 46  
7/21/2011 FLWT Lake Pickwick 90  
6/16/2011 FLWT Kentucky Lake 102  
5/19/2011 FLWT Red River 113  
4/14/2011 FLWT Lake Chickamauga 27  
3/24/2011 FLWT Lake Hartwell 81  
3/3/2011 FLWT Beaver Lake 42  

*BASS events (all events because BASS does not report Tour and Open earnings separately) and FLW Tour.

Biographical data last updated: 7/22/2015

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