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  • Dennis Pentecost of Hoopeston, IL writes:

    I have been a member of Bassmaster and also subscribe to B.A.S.S. Times but l am not renewing either one of my memberships because they no longer represent the grassroots bass fisherman and my point of view! Not another dime!

  • David Harrison of Huntsville, TX writes:

    First, kudos to MLF for allowing their "former" anglers to fish the Heavy Hitters event. Jordan Lee, Dakota Ebare and even KVD are all examples and what made this one even better for us fans (and it wasn't big on 'scoping). I was also pulling for Keith Poche. Fun seeing him in fiberglass, still fishing his style. Makes me wish for a new BassFan Classic of the Top 100 of the BF World Rankings.

  • Dale Croft of Marion, IL writes:

    All of the haters of FFS will be in a big surprise over Trey Mckinney if B.A.S.S. bans FFS – he will continue to have success without it! JT Thompkins is another rookie who will do well.

  • Charles Billingsley of Arab, AL writes:

    RE: Stone's new direction – Good for Marty Stone. I personally enjoyed his commentating. Since the beginning of MLF, Mr. Stone always broke down the place, the tactics used in a manner that was very easy to follow. Glad to hear he is in a good place but he is missed.

  • Mark Poulson of Antioch, IL writes:

    RE: Williams' HOF journey – Race is always a factor for black Americans.

  • Rich Bowers of Cape Girardeau, MO writes:

    RE: FFS poll – It's unthinkable to ban technology that helps anglers catch fish and learn more about their behavior and feeding habits. It's here to stay, learn to use it, or get better at catching shallow fish. John Cox doesn't seem to have any problems.

  • Chad Keogh of Victoria, BC writes:

    I watched a podcast last night on YouTube and heard there's a rumor that the big leagues are going to limit forward-facing sonar to one transducer. This is like putting a tiny Band-Aid on a huge wound.

    In my opinion, they need to eliminate forward-facing sonar at the top levels. Just like you can't use an aluminum bat in Major League Baseball because it affects the game.

    It seems none of the people in command at the top levels have the integrity of the sport at heart anymore. It's all about the dollar signs.

    It is time that someone in command starts doing things for the betterment of the sport and not their bank account.

  • Kenneth Wiley of Eads, TN writes:

    RE: Williams' HOF journey – Mr. Williams is a true legend in the sport of bass fishing. I met him fishing the BFLs and he was always very nice and friendly. This is an honor that’s been a long time coming. Congratulations, you definitely deserve it!

  • Matthew Czerepak of Cunningham, TN writes:

    RE: FFS poll – We can only hope. I have been saying all along that venue variation and some reasonable limitations like one graph at the console, one up front should help balance this out. Also, fish seen on FFS need to be caught in the mouth for worms and jigs and at least around the mouth for moving baits.

  • Jeffrey Mitchell of Saskatoon, SK writes:

    RE: FFS poll – Wow! FFS is horrible. Alabama Rig is horrible. The 250-hp motor is horrible. The foot-steer trolling motor is horrible. Why, oh, why is everyone so afraid of innovation and new technology?

  • Stephen Oglesby of Cooper, TX writes:

    RE: FFS poll – Honestly, I think FFS is here to stay and with technology growing at the rate it is, the FFS and fishfinder technology we will have 10 years from now will make the current FFS look like it is from the Stone Age. I'll go out on a limb and say not too far down the road, more than likely your fish finder will be driven by software loaded on to your outboard's ECM. You'll just have monitors or heads-up display to view it all.

  • Charlie McFadden of Winchester, VA writes:

    RE: FFS poll – If not monitored, FFS has the potential to decimate fish populations, mainly bass and crappie.

  • Steven Ringeisen of Coraopolis, PA writes:

    RE: FFS poll – FFS will only get support in this vote because the people that voted for it have already purchased it. it is too late to ban it now, too many people already have it.

  • Ric Riles of Lafayette, LA writes:

    RE: FFS poll – I hate it because my generation who learned to fish using our experience and instincts are completely undermined by instant visual proof as to where and how the fish are setting up. It’s ruined top-level tournament fishing for me.

  • Phil Tinmell of Lavista, NE writes:

    RE: FFS poll – I'm for it.

  • Toby Corn of Paducah, KY writes:

    RE: FFS poll – I am a NO on FFS.

  • Stephen McGuire of Broadlands, VA writes:

    RE: FFS poll – Strongly vote to keep FFS. I got it late last fall and love it. It makes fishing fun again and I am certainly not hurting the fishing stocks, rather I am learning a ton more about bass that we were all taught wrong for such a long time.

  • Adam Walters of Milwaukee, WI writes:

    RE: FFS poll – I'm against forward-facing sonar.

  • Jeffery Archie of Paris, TN writes:

    RE: FFS poll – Ban it – it will destroy fishing.

  • Duane Bretes of Richland, MI writes:

    RE: FFS poll – Limit use to one transducer.

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