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  • Charlie Hartley of Grove City, OH writes:

    I just read Joe Balog's Winter Wonderland – great story, great writer, great angler, great dude. Go Joe, keep writing good stuff!

  • Mark Richards of Houston, TX writes:

    RE: Balog on the hydrilla balance – A lot of people are not old enough to know about some of the old "hydrilla wars" and their effect. Two of the more notable that I experienced firsthand were Conroe and Santee Cooper. For those of us fortunate enough to have fished Conroe back before the landowners waged war on it, it's hard to even describe or for people to believe. Nearly the same for Santee Cooper.

    In both cases, the landowners at Conroe and the power company at Santee dropped the equivalent of the A-bomb on the hydrilla. They sucked the lake down, exposed it, sprayed it and then dumped in a zillion grass carp. Problem solved. Except it decimated both fisheries for bass.

    In both lakes, the brood stock is still there and you see them for a month out of the year when they come up to spawn, but the days of catching giant sacks every weekend of the entire year wherever you went are over. The truth is, if they let the grass grow back, the fisheries would return to what they once were. But that's simply not a priority on these venues any longer. A place like Toledo Bend is where hydrilla can be allowed to thrive, a place where outside interests are minimal and fishing revenue has an impact. I've got a giant box of 1-ounce jigs waiting.

  • George Mrozinski of Clewiston, FL writes:

    RE: Balog on the hydrilla balance – Someone needs to educate FWC on this for Lake Okeechobee and other Florida lakes. Their plan is one of total destruction.

  • Lane Lawrimore of Hartselle, AL writes:

    RE: The Night Fishing Bible – I have fished against Jimmy for 25 years in local club tournaments. We all were chasing him for 1st place. I have been blessed to fish with Jimmy at night and in the daytime the last few years. He has forgotten more about fishing than I’ll ever know. I have learned a lot from him on nighttime techniques and colors. This book is on point and very enjoyable to read. I’m sure Mr. Bobby is smiling right now!

  • Jimmy Yarbrough of Hartselle, AL writes:

    RE: The Night Fishing Bible – I want to thank BassFan for mentioning my book, The Night Fishing Bible. It's an honor that you did. I look at this site every morning to keep up with what is happening in the bass fishing world. I have received a lot of favorable comments on the book from readers all across the country. I had some hard copies printed and sold around Christmas. One reader from Ohio sent a message that he had read it twice and was down in his man cave reading it the third time and highlighting key points. Another sent a picture of his father sitting in his recliner reading the book. While the book features North Alabama lakes, the information should be applicable to most waters in the United States. I hope both beginners and veteran night fishermen will find tips in the book that they can use. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  • Chris Hemming of Hartselle, AL writes:

    RE: The Night Fishing Bible – I have had the opportunity to fish against this man in many club tournaments and I can honestly say he is one of the best bass fishermen I have ever met. His fishing is based on a biological approach. His time on the water is second to none. No one could figure out how Jimmy was so consistent. His attention to detail and understanding of bass behavior and how they respond to environmental changes is what makes him stand out and above many other anglers. He will go out of his way to educate any person truly interested in becoming the best angler they can be. He has given advice on several occasions to my 16-year-old son who fishes for Falkville Fishing Team – advice and tips that would take him a lifetime to figure out.

    Anyone wanting to really understand where, why and how bass act and respond to baits and colors had better have this book in their toolbox. Jimmy has forgotten more than most of us anglers will ever know. I consider my son and myself very fortunate to know him. On top of being a great fisherman, he is truly a Godly man. Mentor is the best word to describe him.

  • Dave Precht of Birmingham, AL writes:

    RE: The Night Fishing Bible – I’m glad you mentioned Jimmy Yarbrough’s The Night Fishing Bible in Dock Talk. I’ve fished with Jimmy numerous times over the past 10 years, including at night, and he’s proved to me that he knows what he writes about. Anybody who’s serious about hunting big bass at night will learn something valuable from his book.

  • Jeff Mitchell of Saskatchewan, Canada writes:

    RE: Right place, right time – Having an article about 'god' saving a man's life because someone screwed up a battery connection is ridiculous. Why bring down your page talking about anything other than fishing? Leave religion out of it.

  • David Flippo of Amory, MS writes:

    RE: Right place, right time – Great article. God is good.

  • John Worthy of Austell, GA writes:

    RE: Right place, right time – God still works miracles. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Joseph Courtney of Crown Point, IN writes:

    RE: Forward-facing sonar poll – Let Elites vote on FFS. I like seeing them catch fish. I wouldn’t want someone else telling me how I can make a living.

  • Mike Orzell of Fort Collins, CO writes:

    RE: Balog on tackle-purging – Wow! So much truth (and humor) in this post. Bass fishermen are born hoarders, for sure. Have a little success on a bait?; then better stock up for the “future." Perhaps someday, some of these baits will come back in vogue. Until then, decisions, decisions, decisions ...

  • Jim Novotny of New Plymouth, ID writes:

    RE: Smith qualifies for Elite Series – I have big expectations for Bryant. He’s the hardest-working and most committed fisherman I know. With his work ethic, high morals and talent, he will rise quickly to the top of the leaderboard.

  • Chad Hill of Du Quoin, IL writes:

    RE: Balog on BPT scoring change – A very solid analysis and perspective – a traditional format doesn't make it the best format. I think there will be cutline excitement, but much less in the 5-fish format. There will be less movement. But I will watch no matter and, I will withhold judgment until I see it. I enjoy both formats. I have never understood the big blowup over the different formats. Bottom line, catch-weigh-and-release is the future of the sport no matter how many fish count. Delayed mortality following weigh-ins is an underestimated problem in my opinion.

  • Shane Burns of Durham, NC writes:

    RE: Balog on BPT scoring change – I concur, Joe. I stream Bassmaster live and MLF live when they are competing at the same time. I’m watching fish catches, I’m not watching endless commercials and commentary. Typically it’s MLF that gets most of my viewing time. They catch more fish.

  • Jason Reid of Medford, NJ writes:

    RE: Monroe's 2023 plans – Did Ish really just say this?: "I feel like next year will be as easy as it's ever going to get for a guy who's fished all over the country to qualify for the Elite Series." Okay then, we'll see how that works out for him. Big talk ... better back it up.

  • Bobby Colson of Mt. Juliet, TN writes:

    The internet is the ultimate form of dock talk ... the trick is figuring out fact from fiction. Only way to do that ... go fishing.

  • Charley Speed of Alexandria, MN writes:

    I have fished all over the world. Being a dad and watching your kid catch any one fish is the best fish you will ever catch.

  • Robert Padgett of Lagrange, GA writes:

    RE: BPT scoring change – Limits were 10, then went to seven and now five. The offshore anglers had an advantage in the good old days, but this new format just gave it back to the flippers. Take a child fishing and put him with a flipper he would quit.

  • Jonathan Manteuffel of Huntsville, AL writes:

    RE: BPT scoring change – I don't really understand this. If you want to do 5-fish limits, bring them to a stage and weigh them in front of a crowd. If you want to do immediate release, just count all the scorables and stream it live. Not really much point in going to 5 fish without a live weigh-in. This "compromise" approach is watering down a good format alternative to the 5-fish traditional format.

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