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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

By BassFan Staff

For the past few weeks, the five winners in our first BassFan Reader Review contest have been testing out the Shimano Citica baitcasting reel. As part of the contest,

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Pro's Quick Tip: For Finesse Edge, Try Scroggins' Eggshot Rig

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

By Todd Ceisner
BassFan Editor

In an age when pros try their hardest to keep their most effective tackle tricks and tips under …


BassFan World Rankings PRESENTED BY

Updated: 6/19/2017

Wheeler Holds Onto Lead


Jacob Wheeler

2Andy Morgan201.733
3Brandon Palaniuk194.933
4Bryan Thrift194.612
5Ott DeFoe191.948
6Kevin VanDam191.356
7Jordan Lee190.243
8Greg Hackney186.660
9Jason Christie184.931
10Scott Martin182.826
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