By Todd Ceisner
BassFan Editor

Time is ticking down. The pattern that worked yesterday isnít working today. Itís crunch time. Thereís an hour left until the weigh-in starts. Your nerves are starting to fray. What do you reach for when you absolutely need to generate bites?

Weíve been asking pro anglers from the various leagues that same question as a way to find out what their ultimate confidence baits are regardless of the situation, along with the reasoning behind their choices. As one might expect, the answers have run the gamut, from big-line, big-weight flipping to light-line finesse and from topwater to slow-dragging baits.

Todd Faircloth is as good as it gets when it comes to grass fishing. Heck, heís good around just about any kind of cover for that matter, but there are times when his gears start to grind. When that happens, donít be surprised to see him casting a Strike King Cut R Worm around.

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> Angler: Todd Faircloth

> Confidence bait: Texas-rigged Strike King Rage Cut R Worm

> Gear used: 7í medium-heavy Denali Lithium casting rod, unnamed casting reel (7.0:1 ratio), 14-pound Sunline Super FC Sniper fluorocarbon line, ľ-oz. Strike King Tour Grade tungsten worm weight, 4/0 Gamakatsu offset round bend worm hook, Strike King Rage Cut R Worm (junebug or green-pumpkin; redbug in summer in the south).

> Origin: ďI finished 2nd at Cayuga with it. I had fished it before that, but since then itís been one of my bread and butter baits. Iíve caught smallies and spots on it, too. As anglers, we carry so much tackle and we try to down size. Itís crazy because I canít seem to get rid of most of it. We carry it all, but use a fraction of it and itís the same stuff over and again. No matter the venue, we have our confidence baits and colors. Weíre not out there to tinker and test stuff at an event. We need to use something we have confidence in.Ē

> Why he trusts it: ďIf I need a bite, I feel like I can pick it up and get it done. No matter if itís a grass lake or wood lake. You definitely have those days where you need something to fall back on and that bait definitely shines in grass situations. Itís also good around wood and rock. You can fish it slow or fast. The versatility of it is key.Ē

> One more thing: ďItís one of my sonís favorite baits, too. Heís 13 and he caught a 7-pounder on it in a high school tournament. His nickname is Cutter. Itís a great bait for beginners.Ē