By BassFan Staff

It might be time to change up how you fish a jerkbait.

Rather than a repetitive cadence involving two twitches, then a pause followed by two more twitches and so on, maybe itís time to mix it up.

Reigning Elite Series Rookie of the Year Dustin Connell is partial to a retrieve that follows a slash-slash-pause-slash-slash-slash cadence. Heíll pause for a moment before starting the sequence over again.

During a recent trip to Table Rock Lake, Connell used a 6th Sense Provoke 106DD jerkbait to draw bass out of submerged timber that topped out less than a foot below the surface.

Upon casting the bait, Connell reeled it down a couple feet (the bait is designed to hang in the 4- to 7-foot section of the water column) before beginning his retrieve. As the bait nears the boat, he pops his rod upward twice, pulling the bait up toward the surface.

ďA lot of times, fish will follow the bait up so I use this to locate a lot of fish,Ē he said. ďIím actually calling those fish up.Ē

Here's Connell breaking down his jerkbait retrieve: