By BassFan Staff

In an effort to expand its lineup of soft-body frogs, BOOYAH Bait Co. has introduced the ToadRunner, a collaboration with Elite Series and Major League Fishing angler Jason Christie.

The body of the ToadRunner resembles most hollow-body frogs. In fact, it's a modified version of BOOYAH's Pad Crasher, but the rear of the bait is what will catch your attention and possibly a few fish.

BassFans will notice the similarities between the ToadRunner and the Teckel Sprinker Frog, but the ToadRunner is equipped with an adjustable wire form tail along with shortened skirt legs on each side to prevent the bait from spinning in the water.

The Wire Form Tail consists of a pliable wire that is molded inside a translucent boot tail. The tail is connected to the body of the ToadRunner by a ball bearing swivel and a split ring, which allows the tail to rotate 360 degrees and produces a plopping sound. When the bait is placed in the water the translucent tail takes on the color of the water so fish will not hone in on it and hook sets will not be impacted. The pliable wire inside the tail can be bent to change the motion and the sound of the bait as needed. Anglers can easily tune the bait so that it will make different sounds from subtle to super loud.

The ToadRunner is designed to be fished around heavy cover and grass mats without getting hung up but it will fish just as well in open water or around sparse vegetation. An early version of the ToadRunner was used by Christie last year at the Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest at Sam Rayburn Reservoir, where he finished 7th.

"Being able to adjust the tail to trigger strikes under different conditions is a game changer," said Christie. "By being able to actually adjust the sound of the bait and make fish react is the reason I had a good finish on Sam Rayburn. With the translucent tail the fish will key on the body of the bait reducing short strikes, the grooves in the body and shortened legs will eliminate the chance of the frog rolling in the water."

The ToadRunner, which measures 4 1/2 inches and weighs 7/8 ounces, will be available in 10 colors and sell for $9.99. To learn more, visit or

In the embedded video below, Christie breaks down how the ToadRunner worked for him at Rayburn last year.