What do you get when you combine a pacesetter in the premium rod category with that company’s desire to deliver a lighter, stronger and overall better product?

You get the new G. Loomis GLX crankbait rods. Yes, we’re aware GLX rods have been among Loomis’ top sellers for going on 20 years, but the company this year decided to offer anglers an updated series, complete with new features that only enhance the reputation GLX rods enjoyed in the past.

They took a cornerstone product and developed technique-specific models for cranking as well as a batch of flipping rods. A series of GLX spinning rods is in the works as well.

Among the improvements over past GLX rods are new proprietary reel seats, split-grip handle configuration and Fuji Titanium SIC guides. This summer, I tested the 7’ GLX 843, one of 12 new crankbait-specific rods in the GLX lineup.

It's a medium-moderate rod and the company bio on it says it’s designed to throw medium-sized crankbaits, anything in the 1/4- to 5/8-ounce range from Wiggle Warts to a Lucky Craft LVR lipless crank. While we’re usually pretty good at following rules, on a recent Lake Erie outing we couldn’t help but tie on a 3/8-ounce dropshot to see how the rod held up against some Great Lakes smallmouth.

It was no contest. The rod proved to be incredibly sensitive as it allowed me to feel every little piece of bottom structure and detect even the lightest of bites while landing a few 4-pounders along the way.

GLX’s signature lightweight feel and sensitivity are evident every time you pick up this rod, but the one thing that makes you not want to put it down is the new split grip, which incorporates sculpted cork and cork composite to deliver an extremely comfortable and natural feel in your hand.

No detail was overlooked here as evidenced by the design of the cork knob, which is squared off on the two lateral sides and rounded on the other. It allows casters a more ergonomic feel when launching their baits across the lake, river or pond.

When I put it into action the way it was meant to – you know, with a crankbait – the fish didn’t stand a chance. I tied on a variety of plugs, from jointed Shad Raps to suspending jerk baits, and was impressed with the casting distance the 7-foot model offered each time. When I switched to my other medium-action cranking rod, it was like picking up a shovel compared to the GLX cranking stick.

The green finish and black matte reel seat pair up nicely for a sleek appearance. Fish will soon come to know it as the "Green Reaper."

While I'll concede that I haven’t handled every medium-moderate cranking rod on the market, I'd be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable rod from a feel standpoint, which is a huge asset when launching cranks all day. Rest assured this could step into the ring with any fish that would eat a plug and come away a unanimous winner every time.

The 843 is one of 12 new GLX crankbait rods this year. Other rods in the CBR series are available in 6’6”, 7’1” and 7’11” lengths. They retail for $395-$440 and are available at the BassFan Store. Also included in the new GLX series are six flipping rods (FPR) in 7’5” and 7’11” versions.


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