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Jim Jones


Hometown Big Bend, Wisconsin


Last 3 Finishes 74 - Lake Champlain, 6/27/2019
122 - Lake Chickamauga, 5/2/2019
138 - Cherokee Lake, 4/11/2019

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Tournament Finishes
(Only recent tournaments are included. Not necessarily a career listing.)
Date Tour Event Place
6/27/2019 FLWT Lake Champlain 74  
5/2/2019 FLWT Lake Chickamauga 122  
4/11/2019 FLWT Cherokee Lake 138  
3/28/2019 FLWT Grand Lake 106  
3/7/2019 FLWT Lake Seminole 150  
2/7/2019 FLWT Lake Toho 86  
1/10/2019 FLWT Sam Rayburn Reservoir 155  
6/28/2018 FLWT Lake St. Clair 76  
5/17/2018 FLWT Kentucky Lake 86  
4/26/2018 FLWT Smith Lake 167  
4/12/2018 FLWT Lake Cumberland 101  
3/8/2018 FLWT Lake Lanier 84  
2/22/2018 FLWT Harris Chain of Lakes 76  
1/25/2018 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 104  
6/15/2017 FLWT Potomac River 31  
5/18/2017 FLWT Mississippi River 115  
4/27/2017 FLWT Beaver Lake 135  
4/6/2017 FLWT Lake Cumberland 70  
3/9/2017 FLWT Harris Chain of Lakes 40  
2/16/2017 FLWT Lake Travis 97  
2/2/2017 FLWT Lake Guntersville 25  
6/23/2016 FLWT Lake Champlain 30  
6/9/2016 FLWT Kentucky Lake 16  
5/5/2016 FLWT Pickwick Lake 29  
4/14/2016 FLWT Beaver Lake 115  
3/17/2016 FLWT Lake Hartwell 140  
2/4/2016 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 103  

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