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  • The Bright Side Of A Bad Finish

    By Miles Burghoff

    From time to time, this sport tends to remind you that the difference between success and so-called “failure” can be an ultra-thin line. I’ve been fishing more

  • Fresh Thinking

    By Joe Balog

    Around this time each year, In-Fisherman magazine releases its Bass Guide – a collection of articles custom-made for bass junkies covering everything from bucket-list more

  • Further Commitment

    It seems the new world order has settled in, as three pro tours are now the norm and the fans are keeping up with their favorites. Live coverage has been a slight more

  • Get Off The Couch

    Alaska is the only state in the nation void of bass, but for Miles Burghoff, it might as well be the bass capital of the world. “Alaska and its people are some more

  • So Far, So Good

    By Miles Burghoff

    When I was preparing for my first year fishing on the FLW Tour, the goals I set for myself were primarily performance-related – to make sure I was prepared before more

  • Captain Morgan Sails Again

    The formation of the Bass Pro Tour brought monumental changes to professional bass fishing. As the sport’s biggest players transitioned, and new formats were adapted, more

  • Leading The Charge

    I was intrigued recently by Bassmaster’s expanded coverage of environmental issues on its website. Had I been missing this all along? Corporate headquarters clued more

  • Blade Fanatic

    By Joe Balog

    Often, in terms of bass fishing techniques, what goes around comes around. Such seems to be the case lately with one of our basic shallow-water staples, the spinnerbait. more

  • Mysteries Of The Deep

    By Joe Balog

    As I continued to fill the spread sheet, I paused to reflect what I was reading. Sometimes numbers are just numbers, regardless of what they represent, so I needed more

  • Old Soul

    Around here, we call it an old soul. A person who holds value or appreciation for things often thought to be from a bygone area or way of thinking. It could be more

  • Can The Fairytale Prevail?

    Once again, the sport’s biggest event – the Bassmaster Classic – is upon us. Each year, fans welcome Classic season with anticipation like none other in competitive more

  • Bad Taste

    By Joe Balog

    Spring was in the air one pleasant afternoon as I left behind office duties to do a little fishing. Increased travel commitments had condensed my schedule, leaving more

  • Challenges

    By Joe Balog

    A few weeks ago, I pleaded for help with my occasional writer’s block, asking readers for ideas on topics that we may later discuss here. Your response – always more

  • Leaving History Behind

    You’d think that if there was a fishery on a tournament schedule that you have put in thousands of hours on, you’d be chomping at the bit looking forward to it. This more

  • A Welcome Friend

    Almost by accident, I came across news of a really cool program. A consumer protection service – not unlike that handled by the Better Business Bureau for everyday more

  • Disciples Of Clunn

    "I am truly a “lone traveler” and have never belonged to my country, my home, my friends or even my immediate family, with my whole heart; in the face more

  • Clean Slate

    By Joe Balog

    History was made last week in professional bass fishing with a full-scale expansion of the tournament circuit as the new MLF Bass Pro Tour got up and running in more

  • What Do You Think?

    By Joe Balog

    I’m not entirely sure when I first began writing this column. I do remember, however, the primary reason for pleading my case to do so: the fishing industry, more

  • The Demise Of Pork And Pistol Grips

    By Joe Balog

    We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” – Ernest Hemingway Bass more

  • Off To A Good Start

    By Miles Burghoff

    When you move up to a new echelon in anything, you have to believe you can beat the best, but you really don’t have any data to prove it. So there is a more

  • World Record Bass – By Hook Or Crook

    A cool story grabbed my attention: Wanted more

  • Binge-Watching

    For weeks now, big talk in the bass fishing world has centered on the increase in live broadcasting available to fans. Much of this comes as a result of expansion more

  • How Do You Measure Success?

    By Joe Balog

    With a new year comes a new season in professional bass fishing, the likes of which we may have never seen before. Three major players now comprise the industry, more

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