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  • Checking It Twice

    As we approach the holiday season, even I share in the giving feeling. Once a scrooge bothered by the commercialization of Christmas, as well as the inconveniences more

  • Cold-Water Brutes

    By Joe Balog

    Cold is relative. Todayís 50-degree temperatures, combined with a brisk west wind, put a glitch in the plans of the crappie fishermen in my neighborhood. Itís more

  • The Time Is Right

    By Miles Burghoff

    Iíve always been a believer that timing is the key factor that can make or break an opportunity Ė or possibly an entire career. Whether on the water, in your personal more

  • Transparent

    By Joe Balog

    Itís frequently apparent that JT Kenney doesnít concern himself with the approval of others. ďIíve got a big pocketful of 'I donít give a damn' and Iím happy more

  • Show Me The Money

    Itís easy to become oblivious to things outside of our daily norm. By that, I mean our primary focus often confuses us into thinking that ours is the only game more

  • Trophy Hunter Ė Vol. 3

    By Joe Balog

    The first wave of cool weather had finally arrived and the Deep South morning was one of relief rather than a continued onslaught of humidity. Opening the overhead more

  • Utter Devastation

    Utter Devastation

    By Miles Burghoff

    You never know what challenges life is going to throw at you. This is a truth that we all know so well, yet there are certain events that the magnitude of more

  • A Quality Debate

    By Joe Balog

    Bass fishing in Florida is often a feast or famine practice, thanks in large part to the drastic environmental conditions. Extreme summertime heat combines with more

  • Our Society

    A great opportunity came my way this week when I was offered a chance to speak at the Teen Sportfishing Association (TSA) meeting near my home in Volusia County. more

  • The Rest Is History

    The old clichť declares ďrecords are made to be broken," but Iím not so sure. Realizing that key milestones in bass fishing will likely never be challenged more

  • Setting New Standards

    By Joe Balog

    Last week, we discussed the clean slate being offered with the formation of a completely new concept in professional bass fishing and how it may offer us Ė tournament more

  • Three Little Words

    By Joe Balog

    Grow the sport. Three little words weíre sure hearing a lot lately. Over the past several weeks, weíve been introduced to a number of players whose more

  • Off The Deep End

    The excitement reached a fever pitch across the professional bass industry this week as more anglers came forward with the announcement of their decision to leave more

  • Inside Scoop For Junkies

    Over the last several weeks, the entire bass fishing industry has been immersed in the development of a new, high-profile tournament trail and the reaction and more

  • Realizing A Dream

    By Errol Duckett

    As with any industry, change is inevitable. The fishing industry is no different. With that change comes uncertainty and worry, especially for the players in the more

  • Rebuke

    With the absence of my Thursday edition of Balogís Bass War, youíre probably wondering where Iíve been. Those of you quick to the draw might have read a piece more

  • Suddenly, It's Over

    By Miles Burghoff

    Itís incredible how quickly this season has passed by. It seems just like a few months ago, my wife, Katie, and I were caravanning across the country with all more

  • BPT Invite Process Flawed, But Change Is Good

    By Randy Blaukat

    Like many anglers, fans, media and sponsors, itís my opinion that the recent announcement of the Bass Pro Tour is probably the most historic single event to ever more

  • The Big Three

    By Joe Balog

    Big news! As we all know by now, Major League Fishing has announced the formation of a new professional bass fishing circuit, the Bass Pro Tour (BPT). As of more

  • Wrapping Up 2018: Quick Notes

    By Joe Balog

    As the national tours finish up for 2018, weíre left with a few brief topics to touch on, all of which signal a continued change in professional bass fishing. more

  • Happening Now

    Wow, what a slugfest! Just when I thought that nothing could top the overall catch of smallmouth bass at the FLW Tour event on Lake St. Clair, the Bassmaster crew more

  • Controlled Substance

    By Joe Balog

    By now, most hardcore fishing fans know the story of Clent Davis and the roller-coaster ride that became his career. A solid FLW performer early on, Davis chased more

  • A Comeback For The Ages

    By Joe Balog

    The story was laid out perfect; all we had to do was watch it unfold. Given the chance, a better set of circumstances couldnít have been drawn up by the FLW more

  • Cup Runneth Over

    By Joe Balog

    This week, weíre greeted by the Forrest Wood Cup, FLWís world championship that pits the circuitís best anglers against each other and the elements. While it may more

  • Weather Wins Again

    By Joe Balog

    What a bummer of a weekend for BassFans. High water forced a complete postponement (and later cancellation) of the Chesapeake Bay Elite event and big winds shortened more

  • Trophy Hunter: Edition 2

    By Joe Balog

    At least she followed it. While the big fish hadnít gone all-in and eaten my swimbait, sheíd exposed herself enough to allow me to judge her size and reveal more

  • Extinction Of The Specie

    By Joe Balog

    While I rarely lack an opinion on topics within our bass fishing community, itís not always easy to find subject matter. Letís face it, every once in a while things more

  • Passion

    Mark Daniels, Jr. doesnít comprehend the word canít; itís apparent when you talk with him. Thereís nothing he canít do. I wonder how that can be. With more

  • The Fuel To Succeed

    As it is for all competitive sports, coming out on top in fishing tournaments often comes down to making very small adjustments to your approach that results in more

  • Stacked Deck

    By Joe Balog

    The 2018 FLW regular season is now complete, with the final event being the show-stopper we needed. As predicted, Mark Rose held on to the Angler of the Year title more

  • Sleepless Night

    By Joe Balog

    I wouldnít want to be Mark Rose today. But I doubt he feels the same. Yes, today marks the first day of the final event of the FLW Tour season, and Rose, more

  • The Answers Within

    By Joe Balog

    Life had been a little stressful lately. Workplace complications put several projects on hold, leading to a few uneasy clients, and a recipe for potential disaster. more

  • Bassmen 2043

    I was intrigued by an article in the latest edition of Bassmaster Magazine. Prognostications of the Bassmen took an inside look at our predictions for the sport more

  • Replace The Fakes

    As a kid, one of my favorite dinners was when mom made baked tilapia on Friday night. IIíll never forget the warm, buttery smell through the kitchen when us kids more

  • Trophy Hunter: Edition One

    By Joe Balog

    My fishing has always bordered on obsession, but since Iím consciously aware of it, it prevents me from being classified a madman. When Iím not fishing, Iím usually more

  • Keep To The Code

    Iíd never heard of anything like it. Apparently, early on the third day of the recent FLW Tour event on Kentucky Lake, tournament leader Randy Haynes decided to more

  • Unwinding

    By Joe Balog

    A buddy of mine loaded a new app on my television; one sure to expand my outdoor programming choices. Truthfully, I hadnít given much thought to my lineup lately. more

  • The Tapp

    By Joe Balog

    Recent headlines brought back a memory. As a young tournament angler, I had just been given an annual beating by a group of Carolinians on Buggs Island Reservoir. more

  • That Uncomfortable Feeling

    By Miles Burghoff

    I've never been one to get too focused on one particular style of fishing, or on individual lakes. To me, one of the most satisfying aspects of tournament fishing more

  • The Greatest

    "Kevin isn't going to beat himself. He's found that space where only a few have been, and he's not even close to the last chapter of what he's writing.Ē - more

  • Help Me Help Myself

    By Joe Balog

    Several years ago, I received a call from a sponsor on a Sunday. Such usually means one of two things: either youíre about to get a raise, or youíre about to get more

  • Back Deck Notebook Ė Vol.1

    By Joe Balog

    Throughout my time here with you, Iíve tried to focus on the most pressing issues affecting bass fishermen in America. Safety, conservation and angling rights more

  • Reinventing The Wheel

    By Joe Balog

    Iíve always been fascinated with the lures used to win bass tournaments. More specifically, the rise and fall in popularity of certain techniques intrigues me more

  • Picking Your Days

    By Joe Balog

    This week, we saw a complete stoppage of a professional tournament due to flooding, as the Bassmaster Elite event scheduled for the Sabine River in Orange, Texas more

  • Louisiana's Situation Is Not Pretty

    By Steve Rockseiler

    (Editor's note: The following is a rebuttal to BassFan columnist Joe Balog's March more

  • The Road To Paradise

    This week brought news of the Louisiana waterway access laws revisited, as B.A.S.S. officially endorsed House Bill 391 Ė legislation that would attempt to conquer more

  • Just Like You And Me

    It was the final-day weigh-in of the Bassmaster Classic and with the microphone now in front of him, Gerald Swindle was pulling out all the stops. After several more

  • Classic Prophecy

    The big game is upon us, as we kick off the 2018 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell. As I mentioned last week, I truly feel the sport has progressed beyond the more

  • Local Shootout

    By Joe Balog

    The 47th annual Bassmaster Classic will kick off at Lake Hartwell next week, bringing with it competitive excitement and agony, along with fan enthusiasm, like more

  • New World Order

    By Joe Balog

    International champions seem to be a theme this year, as Canadian Chris Johnston grabbed the most recent title in pro fishing with his FLW Tour win at Florida's more

  • Quietly Ponder

    For the first time in a while, I find myself in the shop, tinkering with tackle. Once a ritual performed several times weekly, lately Iíve gotten away from the more

  • Game-Changers

    Last night, I dreamt I had a side-imaging transducer sewn into a pair of waders. No lie. So important has technology become, and I so dependent on it, I canít more

  • Faulty Practice Plan Leads To Dud

    Iíve always considered practice to be the most crucial part of the tournament fishing process. Sure, the tournament is when the rubber meets the road, and when more

  • The Fansí Focus

    By Joe Balog

    Iím stunned at how times have changed. Again. In the early 2000s, I spent a morning riding around Lake St. Clair looking for tournament fishermen. The Canadian more

  • Trending Now

    Like many of you, Iím constantly searching for information on new bass fishing techniques, digesting everything I can from any source available. With todayís endless more

  • The Life You Save

    By Bernie Schultz

    As almost all of you know by now, a serious boating accident occurred during the recent FLW Series event on Lake Okeechobee. Boater Bill Kisiah and co-angler Nik more

  • First, Safety

    As we discussed here last week, in the wake of tragedy, I find it necessary to discuss all we can do to prevent a similar disaster. As promised, Iíd like to discuss more

  • Searching For Progress

    While I'd hoped to report on the opposite, not much has been accomplished in the world of competitive bass fishing to answer the monumental questions created by more

  • The Unthinkable

    What a terrible week. Early last Thursday, things looked so good for bass fishing. The FLW Series was releasing a record-sized field onto the waters of Lake more

  • Time To Take Stock

    By Miles Burghoff

    Itís that time! Itís the time of the year that we reminisce on our faults from the past year, and with the new year signifying a ďfresh start,Ē the list of more

  • Hard-Headed

    By Joe Balog

    At first, I viewed the tournament angler's comment as defacing; a bit of a side-step that would likely lead to a poor finish. ďI know the best fishing is offshore,Ē more

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