By BassFan Staff

In continuing the new BassFan Up Close feature launched earlier this month, we are happy to bring you the fourth episode in our #BassDayEver series, in which pro anglers delve into the details surrounding the single-most significant day of their tournament careers.

Today, Mike Iaconelli joins BassFan Editor Todd Ceisner to delve into a pair of significant days in his career.

First, Ike reveals why the final day – Aug. 3, 2003 – of the 2003 Bassmaster Classic at the Louisiana Delta will always be a special day in his mind, especially with so much going on in his personal life at the time.

Fast forward 11 years to his backyard and the Delaware River, which hosted an Elite Series tournament in August 2014. Day 2 of that event turned things around for Ike and he details why that particular day still resonates.

What days still resonate with you? We want to hear about your #BassDayEver on the water. Where were you? Who were you with? What did you catch? Why was it memorable? Drop us a note in our Feedback section or visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.