By BassFan Staff

This year's Classic field of 52 anglers hails from 22 different states with 14 competitors making their Classic debut at Lake Hartwell.

To learn a little more about where each competitor comes from, we've put together a locator map (embedded below) showing each angler's hometown. Make sure to click on the push pin to bring up a little-known fact or stat about each angler.

Power of Three

Nearly a quarter of this year's Classic field can say they are batting 1.000 when it comes to qualifying for Classics at Lake Hartwell. A dozen anglers will get their third look at the sprawling lake along the South Carolina-Georgia border in the sport's biggest event. Only one of them - South Carolina native Casey Ashley - has been able to capture the win. Others have come close, though with Bobby Lane and Cliff Pace collecting runner-up finishes.

Here's a list of the anglers who will be competing in their third Classic at Hartwell along with where they finished in 2008 and 2015, respectively.

> Casey Ashley: 17th/1st
> John Crews: 16th/33rd
> Edwin Evers: 11th/32nd
> Todd Faircloth: 25th/23rd
> Greg Hackney: 5th/26th
> Mike Iaconelli: 10th/6th
> Bobby Lane: 4th/2nd
> Aaron Martens: 9th/30th
> Mike McClelland: 42nd/8th
> Cliff Pace: 2nd/35th
> Skeet Reese: 12th/17th
> Gerald Swindle: 21st/27th

Line 'Em Up

In January, B.A.S.S. officials held a random drawing at its headquarters to determine the boat order for the Classic.

The first two spots in the 52-boat field were predetermined with 2017 Elite Series Angler of the Year Brandon Palaniuk occupying the number one position followed by 2017 Classic champion Jordan Lee.

Here's how the boat order will look this week. After day 1, the boats will leave the dock in reverse order listed here.

Flight 1
1. Brandon Palaniuk
2. Jordan Lee
3. Jason Williamson
4. Kevin VanDam
5. Luke Gritter
6. Mark Davis
7. Brent Ehrler
8. Cliff Pace
9. Bradley Roy
10. Josh Bertrand
11. Jacob Wheeler
12. Matt Lee
13. Caleb Sumrall
14. Bobby Lane
15. Keith Combs
16. Skeet Reese
17. Ott DeFoe
18. David Walker
19. Brandon Lester
20. Mark Daniels
21. Stanley Sypeck
22. Jacob Foutz
23. Mike Iaconelli
24. Edwin Evers
25. Rick Morris
26. Russ Lane

Flight 2
27. Marty Giddens
28. James Elam
29. Steve Kennedy
30. Mike McClelland
31. Hank Cherry
32. Brandon Coulter
33. Jesse Wiggins
34. Seth Feider
35. John Cox
36. Clifford Pirch
37. Carl Svebek
38. Todd Faircloth
39. Randy Howell
40. Jason Christie
41. Micah Frazier
42. Jacob Powroznik
43. John Crews
44. Ryan Butler
45. Dustin Connell
46. Gerald Swindle
47. Jamie Hartman
48. Alton Jones
49. Casey Ashley
50. Aaron Martens
51. Greg Hackney
52. Luke Clausen