Most pros have little good to say about the FLW Championship on Cross Lake -- except for Kevin VanDam, who isn't most pros.

"I'll be the first to say something good about the lake," he said. "It has a lot of pretty stuff to throw at, and it's a good lake to get up on your casting practice (laughs).

"You can have a bad attitude here, and pretty much everyone I talked to has something negative to say. But the fact is, someone will walk away with the big money.

"I just decided to leave my attitude back in Michigan, when I left. I knew this wouldn't be easy, it wouldn't be fun, it'd be tough, but you just make the best of it. And it is a championship tournament."

On Fishing the Lake

"I'm going to fish where I think I can catch fish," VanDam said. "I caught them on about everything, but I didn't find many of them anywhere. I'll fish wherever there's not a boat.

"I don't think there's many fish in this lake. You just have to get a bite and hope that it's an under or an over.

"The lake is low and it's late summer, which is a tough time to be on anything anyway," he noted. "At Chevy night some local guys said they catch some big fish spawning, so there must be some big fish somewhere in here, but I haven't figured out where. Some of the best fishermen in the country are here. I imagine some people will figure them out.

"I wish I could say I found some sweet spot offshore that had some big fish on it, but I haven't. But I have one more day to look," he said yesterday. "I'm going to spend it trying to find something special like that. Just running around in circles with everyone doesn't seem like the way to win for me."