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  • Larry Foster of Greensboro, GA writes:

    RE: Cup going back to Ouachita – I was really hoping for a new venue. This is way too much of the same and not interesting. Change to make it more accessible to a different group.

  • Jeremy Starks of Tuscumbia, AL writes:

    RE: Cup going back to Ouachita – Wow. Really, FLW? After reading the complaints from FLW Tour pros last week and the horribly boring tournament of this past weekend? I think Saturday they had eight fish catches on the live streaming of the Cup. It,s a championship event. It should be fun. Fun for everyone, including fans and viewers. I can already hear tour pros groaning, understandably, about next year's event. Bad idea, FLW, bad idea.

  • Tim Farruggio of Long Branch, NJ writes:

    RE: Forrest Wood Cup – Unreal, none of the big guns predicted to win even placed. You just never know. Congratulations, Clent Davis, on n the win – 10th to 1st is pretty special.

  • Tommy Yates of Scurry, TX writes:

    RE: Raul Morineau passes – Got to fish with Raul in an old Anglers Choice Pro-Am event once here in Texas. What a great guy to spend a day in the boat with. I still have fond memories of some of our great conversations we had that day.

  • Mike Bingham of Florence, AL writes:

    RE: Raul Morineau passes – I drew Raul in the early '90s in a B.A.S.S. Invitational. I only caught one bass that day, while we were anchored in one spot most of the day. He had electric anchors!! But what I learned from him led me to a 3rd-place finish. I always looked forward to seeing him. He never met a stranger and always had a smile. Great guy. I'm glad I knew him!

  • Steve Smith of Commerce, MI writes:

    RE: Tournament cancellations – After the Okeechobee event, I think all organizations are going to err on the safe side.

  • Ed Cowan of Greeley, PA writes:

    RE: Tournament cancellations – A couple points. I've fished both bodies of water in question. In 1991 I fished the Classic on the Upper Bay and practice day No. 1 was cancelled due to weather – B.A.S.S.' first cancellation. The bay is real big and if they moved down the bay it would have been okay. The Susquehanna runoff eddies across the NE and getting out would have been an issue. Elite Tournaments are all about money and the show and moving one is not really an option. As for the Great Lakes, I'm okay with the St. Lawrence River or even St. Clair but the Lakes, bass boats do not belong on them. As for speed limits and sanity, I still liked the 150-hp B.A.S.S. limit.

  • Jonah Fanucci of Royersford, PA writes:

    RE: Tournament cancellations: Wrong about Chesapeake, right about Erie.

  • Dustin Daggett of Twin Lakes, CO writes:

    Another week, another tournament cancelled/prematurely concluded by B.A.S.S. and FLW. Might be tough getting future communities to "buy" into having these organizations host an event if they don't actually fish.

  • Mike Prickett of Evans, GA writes:

    RE: Chesapeake Elite cancellation – Thank you for your wisdom in cancelling this tournament in lieu of risking competitors' lives in this type weather. This should be done more before someone gets badily injured or possibly worse.

  • Boots Beasley of Mooresville, NC writes:

    RE: Chesapeake Elite cancellation – Good Move and hats off for making a very tough call.

  • Thad Teske of Eden Prairie, MN writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The Ultra Vibe catches fish – small ones, large ones and good numbers.

  • Steven Rockweiler of Luling, La writes:

    FLW eliminating co-Anglers was bound to happen. Professional competitive bass fishing, truly started by Ray Scott, has been the main driver for companies producing goods for the bass fishing market. The amount of goods sold, and the technology behind them in the '60s and '70s, are miniscule compared to today's products and technology. The pro endorsement is still a driving force for introducing new products, but the truly successful companies are marketing directly to the club and local tournament angler.

    The truly small base of co-anglers who fished B.A.S.S. and FLW are a very small part of the economic fishing equation. I feel bad that the co-angler has been totally removed from the upper level ... although the pros are celebrating. Even a pro had a starting point, which they seem to forget once they have "made it." Being a competitive angler since 1970 on the Louisiana Delta, I find myself more and more disinterested in the pro fishing scene. Perhaps it is just Father Time.

  • Fisher Jones Beasley III of Mooresville, NC writes:

    RE: Ranger at White House – First-class man and President needs a first-class boat. Donald, you Da Man!

  • Edmond Brown of Trion, GA writes:

    RE: No more Tour co-anglers – As a co-angler who has fished every division of FLW, I think they just made a huge mistake. Many co-anglers lost intrest in the Tour when they took away the chance to fish the Forrest Wood Cup as a co. Now they cut them out totally.

    The changes at FLW are the big reason that the BFLs are no longer filling up. When I started the BFL had 200 boats and a waiting list. Many do not break 100 boats by mid-season. Co-anglers have been a huge income-producing entity helping to finance FLW.

  • Reed Finley of Oconomowoc, WI writes:

    RE: Balog on co-angler elimination – Joe, I ask this question to you because you should have access to data which will answer this. Of the 150-plus co-anglers per tournament, how many of those have made the move to the boater side of the Tour? I know that certainly there have been some, although I believe it is a very small and gradually diminishing percentage. If this is true, then it would support FLW's position. I would like to know what the actual data says.

  • Brent Chitty of Moultrie, GA writes:

    RE: Co-angler sounds off – Very well written, Mark. I am sure if I were a competing pro I would prefer not to have a co on board. But having co-anglers solidified the "base" of competitors by involving more fishermen and I am not sure this is best for the sport going forward.

  • Terry L. Bonsell of Fruitland Park, FL writes:

    RE: No more Tour co-anglers – About time. I emailed FLW about signing up to marshal. No reply?

  • Remi DeMatteo of Saint Bernard, LA writes:

    RE: No more Tour co-anglers – The term "elite" has more and more significance. Keep distancing yourselves from the people who spend nearly a billion dollars and watch what happens.

  • Mark Lamb of Wake Forest, NC writes:

    RE: No more Tour co-anglers – I really do not have a dog in this fight since rules are rules and I understand business drives behaviors. I will say that I have fished as a co-angler on both B.A.S.S. and FLW and can say I have never and will never serve as a marshal. But the question I have for BassFan is what is the take from the sponsors? Another comment below brought up a good point about the captive audience a co-angler is for sponsor products. So the question would be, can we get some feedback from sponsors? You can let them comment on this anonymously to let them speak freely. I think that would be great insight.

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