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  • Joe Kalinich of Shohola, PA writes:

    RE: Arey's insurance plight – And I will bet that everyone has full confidence in law enforcement – not.

    Not that hard at all to believe that law enforcement would decline to do the right thing, and they wonder why people have lost confidence in them.

  • Steve Linden of Hickory, NC writes:

    RE: Tucker's best season – Good to see J Todd Tucker is back on tour and doing well. I had the pleasure of spending a day on Lake Norman with him a few years back. Super nice guy who busted his butt to make sure we caught fish and had a good time.

  • Steve Brown of Oakland, TN writes:

    RE: Balog on teams: Joe, you’re correct on all points, except where it “might” be acceptable at the pro tour level. Case in point: What if Nitro’s pro team co-op’ed on the Bass Pro Tour? It would create an unfair group of “made guys” overpowering the field and especially the up-and-comers. In an 80-angler field, and with a strict no-information rule, I think it prevents the creation of a “Hendricks Team.”

  • Paul Gross of Atlanta writes:

    RE: Arey's insurance plight – Sad. Another blatant reason that, unfortunately, police/municipalities are a cash-oriented business. They make the laws. They interpret the laws and have deep pockets to protect themselves. If any citizen were to sideswipe a police/emergency/fire vehicle, they would be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Ken Bragg of Fayetteville, WV writes:

    RE: Arey's insurance plight – As an Insurance agent for 18 years, I have seen this happen and worse. My client was hit by a city vehicle and Travelers denied the claim based on “government immunity". In another case, my client was hit by a police officer on his way to an emergency. In that case the state law says that in an emergency situation there is no liability. Make sure your policy is adequate to provide for your needs in these situations. It stinks and makes no common sense, but then in government, not much does.

  • Chance Huiet of Hardin, TX writes:

    RE: Arey's insurance plight – Go figure, the police do something wrong and try to walk away from it. I'm a big police supporter, but these types of stories are way too familiar nowadays. They need to step up and admit wrongdoing and fix his boat.

  • Jim Liechty of Ft. Wayne, IN writes:

    RE: Arey's insurance plight – Sounds like BS to me. From my understanding, your insurance carrier needs to go ahead and repair or replace, and they can then deal with the other insurance carrier. That is why we pay good money for coverage. If not, it might be time to switch carriers!

  • Kevin Crabtree of Sellersburg, IN writes:

    RE: Arey's insurance plight – I feel for Matt. It's a helpless feeling when an honest person who approaches people and daily life with utmost respect is put between a rock and hard place. Bass boats and outboard motors are a huge investment and sacrifice for the vast majority of people. No person like Matt wants to sue, even if clearly justified. Especially when it involves their small hometown. It's unfortunate that large organizations can stall and/or skate by obvious accountability issues. Mistakes happen. but step up! Do the right thing and fix or replace Matt's boat.

    It doesn't sound like they will. I hope Matt's insurance steps up in this case. What's the purpose of paying premiums if it doesn't work when you need it? It's easy to say "it's just a boat." But for pros and very passionate anglers, it's more than that. To make that type of sacrifice and be left without is a word much stronger than frustrating after enough time passes. In Matt's case, it affects his ability to do his job and disrupts daily life at an unnecessary level. Good luck, Matt, and I hope this can be put behind you In the near future.

  • Hank Snow of Orlando, FL writes:

    RE: Balog on spraying – I am an advocate of control of plants through mechanical methods. Spraying chemicals is as bad, if not worse, than the runoff causing the overabundance of aquatic vegitation we currently have. The rush to start spraying again smacks of someone trying to make a buck at the environment's expense – and ours.

  • Dan Phillips of Lawrenceville, GA writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker methods – Winnings should be split by the two who are tied.

  • Martin D. Lamb of Albia, IA writes:

    RE: Balog on Table Rock – Well Joe, in your last piece you made the statement "don't shoot the messenger." The problem is the message was flawed with lots of assumption and very little fact. Now that we are down to the final ten, we see that nothing about the second event on Table Rock is a "repeat." Only two from the first event Championship Round found their way back the second time, and the patterns/tactics that got them there have changed as well. What about the fish being beat down? Well, how many anglers eclipsed the old record for fish/weight? If anything, this scenario of back-to-back events has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt how the negative impact to a fishery is greatly reduced by the BPT format. The fish obviously did not suffer undue stress from handling, riding around in livewells and being redispersed into the lake

    In my opinion, the back-to-back events were just what bass fishing needed. There is no way B.A.S.S. or FLW could have held two events in one month on the same fishery and had better production the second go-round – the fish would have never recovered that quickly. On a side note, there is one glaring difference I notice with the BPT anglers ... they are having fun! They are enjoying the sport again. After all, isn't fishing supposed to be fun? They have rediscovered that.

  • Chad Aaron of Lawrenceburg, TN writes:

    RE: Balog on Table Rock – Keep calling 'em like you see 'em, Joe. In such a small niche industry, it's often very difficult for the anglers and writers themselves to speak honestly about their situations when it might ruffle the feathers of their employers, and I can't blame them. These guys don't get 10-year, $45 million contracts. Very few are making bank, but many are just getting by, living the dream. So they bite their lip, keep their head down and keep grinding to pay the bills.

    Our sport needs more of these honest opinion pieces that aren't filtered through rose-colored polarized glasses. Truthful writings invoke dialogue, spark ideas, which hopefully lead to changes for the betterment of our sport, our industry and our resource.

    For now, we'll just depend on old Joe to tell it like it is.

  • Charlie Hartley of Grove City, OH writes:

    RE: Balog on Table Rock – Keep writing what we are all thinking. I agree, but it may be interesting to see if the same puzzle will be solved by the same champion.

    Keep writing good stuff; I praise the messenger!

  • Reginald Crews of North Augusta, SC writes:

    Biggest fish of the day should determine the tiebreaker.

  • Justin Pitts of Gadsden, Al writes:

    A couple of comments on Balog's recent column. On one hand, Joe admits that BPT assaults "1-pounders" and is the "Ned-Rig Army" ... yet claims it is more entertaining. Maybe in his opinion, but it seems the majority of the fishing public still likes seeing big bass caught, not dinks.

    "We’ve already seen smaller circuits adopting much of the MLF format, from immediate weigh and release to bracket-style competitions. As I predicted here in previous columns, those not looking to adapt to this new game are finding themselves falling behind."

    Where are you seeing these events? Maybe in the North where they have closed bass seasons, but here in the South, heart of bass country, we have yet to see an MLF-style event. Fishers of Men tried it for this year and they had two participants at their first event and appear to have cancelled the rest of the events due to lack of interest. I'm starting to wonder what Joe's real motives are or if he is just that out of touch these days.

  • Martin D. Lamb of Albia, IA writes:

    RE: Balog on Table Rock – Okay, I will bite, Joe. First off, just because there are several other venues doesn't mean the required permitting or logistics could be satisfied to secure events there on short notice. Second, if you are not into repeats then you certainly do not wish to follow B.A.S.S. or FLW events as they notoriously fish repeat venues year after year (especially the Opens). Just because Table Rock is fished twice in three weeks doesn't make a repeat. I am willing to wager the final outcome involves different players and diverse strategies. Maybe MLF should follow B.A.S.S.' lead and just cancel altogether?

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    RE: Balog on Table Rock – Spot on, Joe. I’ve been trying to create Sanctuary Coves for fish that can’t handle the smackdown put on them by the thousands of tournament anglers each year who frequent the lakes. Now bring in the BPT twice in three weeks, where will the fish go? Fish therapists are being brought in from all over to give them an ear instead of a lateral line.

    Thanks, Joe, for the stupidest article you have ever written.

  • James Melvin of New Wilmington, PA writes:

    RE: BPT by the numbers – So the angler with the highest average weight per bass caught is in 64th place for AOY and 75 out of 80 anglers are apparently averaging less than 2 pounds per bass caught. MLF tries to sell that big fish still matter, but the numbers thus far show that quantity has a greater value than quality.

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    Prayers to the Browne family.

  • Jeff Porteous of Cornwall, ON writes:

    RIP Glenn Browne. My deepest sympathy to the family ... God bless all of you. From Canada, we all love you.

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