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  • Harold Sharp of Hixson, TN writes:

    A bass tournament on Bull Shoals in 1960 or '61 would likely have been won by Hy Peskin. Jerry McKinnis at B.A.S.S. may remember it, most others who would know are no longer with us.

    Lead Hill Boat Dock, located on Bull Shoals, should know how to locate Glen Andrews, who fished and guided on Bull Shoals during that time. Glen would know about this tournament.

  • Chuck Daymude of Mooresville, N.C. writes:

    RE: Balog on umbrella rigs Absolutely silly. The rig has proven on cold, clear water impoundments to outproduce and outperform every other bait that has historically been used on those same fisheries time after time. It's winning tournaments in the hands of unskilled anglers who have simply learned the art of cast and retrieve. It has no place in competitive fishing whatsoever.

  • Tim Brown of Ridge Top, TN writes:

    RE: Ultimate Match Fishing I finally got to watch a show last Sunday that's really about the only time I have a chance to watch one. Sundays I may be out fishing. On Thursdays/Fridays I'm working in the morning when the show comes on. Is the network trying to kill off the show?

  • John Guzo of Leola, PA writes:

    RE: Simonton's new sponsorship I have been buying lure parts from Jann's Netcraft for years. I love making molds and customizing them. Just got a call from a friend fishing a tournament who told me he won big bass using my terminal tackle. It made me feel just as good as if I caught it myself.

  • Jim Liner of Pintlala, AL writes:

    RE: Sonar's engagement Congrats, brother. You know we have a honeymoon suite down here at Ray Scott's Trophy Bass Retreat. Come see us.

  • Daniel Washburn of Lawrence, KS writes:

    Does anyone remember a bass tournament held at Bull Shoals Landing about 1960 or '61? First prize was a boat and trailer and I believe a local guide, Bill Rose, won.

  • Dennis E. Harbour of Terre Haute, IN writes:

    RE: Ultimate Match Fishing I won't miss the line, but will probably miss the program! Certainly there is a hunting show that could be moved so UMF could be broadcast in the evening. I have quit watching as much becauseI could only watch so much deer or turkey hunting.

  • Kenneth Matthews of Willard, MO writes:

    About your video on Zaldain's rig in Missouri, you can run only three hooks on a rig. Still a neat video.

  • mark melega of rices landing, pa writes:

    If nets are legal in your tournament, then your answer to a jumping fish with the lure flying out of its mouth and the fish being scooped up in the net is, "The purpose of a net is to scoop the fish." The sole reason that companies such as Frabill are in business is to make nets to scoop jumping, fighting, lure-throwing fish.

    If you don't want a net in the boat, then fine, but don't beg me to grab that 3-pound smallmouth with the three-treble Lucky Craft slashing around. While you're at it, don't scream at me to grab that snapped 8-pound line floating on the surface after that same bass rights itself and begins to swim away.

    Grab it with your hands or use a net (if legal in your tournament). What's the difference?

  • Tom Fisher of Boulder City, NV writes:

    Of course the netted fish should count, but for who? The angler didn't get the fish in the boat. the net man did. Who caught it?

    Better question: At what point do we over-regulate ourselves right out of business?

  • Martin D. Lamb of Albia, IA writes:

    I find it interesting that six of the Top 10 in the World Rankings are FLW anglers. Since most of them are fishing both tours, that pretty much eliminates the argument of weaker competition.

  • Gary Cossaboom of Hershey, PA writes:

    There's no problem with co-anglers in the boat. If a pro doesn't want to risk a bad net job losing a fish, he can simply net the fish himself. When I fish tournaments I tell my partner that I'll net my own fish. That way there's only me to blame if I mess it up ... ot that I'd be overly upset if my partner did so stuff happens.

  • Robert Rovenski of Mt. Holly, NJ writes:

    RE: MLF format for clubs I voted none and the reason why is that every local club event must have two people in the boat so no cheating happens. The club I was in, no one wanted to pair up, so I don't think it would work.

  • Harold Sharp of Hixson, TN writes:

    Many are concerned with the handling of bass at tournaments, and also dip nets. Here's a little history on these subjects.

    The first B.A.S.S. tournaments from 1967 to 1972 were" kill all" events. All bass were kept on stringers, and after weigh-in they were iced down and donated to a local charity for food. Dip nets were also allowed.

    After the 1971 season, B.A.S.S. invented "Don't Kill Your Catch. We saw the need to protect our sport and came up with a system that is still working. We were still allowing dip nets until the B.A.S.S. Champs event at Cincinnati in July 1982. At that tournament, good-size bass were hard to come by. A contestant hooked a good one, his partner grabbed the net and it tangled in the depthfinder located on the console. The angler kept waiting for his partner to untangle the net and lost the bass. He also filed a complaint against his partner, claiming he caused him to lose the bass. So B.A.S.S. outlawed dip nets after that happened. Years later, nets were allowed again.

    Here's a question to think about: If a contestant is landing a bass and his co-angler or observer or marshal or whoever is handling the dip net and the bass jumps and throws the hook but falls in the net, should that bass be counted?

  • Bruce Sears of Fort Smith, AR writes:

    RE: Table Rock Elite Series Can't believe you don't have Jason Christie in your 10 to watch. This is in his wheelhouse.

  • Ed Riley of Woodbine, MD writes:

    RE: Major League Fishing Like the format and love the show.

  • Alex Posey of Roswell, GA writes:

    RE: Kilby's lost giant If Rob Kilby had landed that fish, I would have won Fantasy Fishing this week! Oh well, we both lost out. Still ended up in 2nd place.

  • Larry Hipps of Cary, NC writes:

    RE: Wiley's comeback at Rayburn Way to go, Scott, and never give up! Bet you miss all of the good meals I used to cook you on the EverStart trail!

  • Richard Bates of Belle Chasse, LA writes:

    RE: Balog on two-tour pros I enjoyed your article about two-tour professionals and couldn't help but think of Steve Kennedy. He seems to be the closest pro to what you describe. Of course winning over $1.9 million helps, but you don't see him heavily invested in anything other than fishing tournaments.

  • Jeff Mitchell of Cincinnati, OH writes:

    RE: Kennedy's big one on video Watching Steve Kennedy's fish catch, I know this will be controversial, but it's a perfect reason not to have co-anglers in a boat. If that co-angler had jumped the gun or tried to net that fish early, it probably would have been lost. In this case, Steve was lucky that he had a good netter in the boat.

    Professional bass fishing is about the professional fisherman not the quality of the netter in the back of the boat.

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