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  • Ron Desimone of Elkhart, IN writes:

    RE: TV show poll – Zona's Awesome Fishing show needs to be added.

  • David Buffaloe of Wendell, NC writes:

    RE: TV show poll – #1 - MLF
    #2 - Bassmasters
    #3 - FLW

  • Dennis Fiedler of Minnetonka, MN writes:

    RE: TV show poll – Love all three shows but feel I learn the most about tactics and strategies for traditional tournament fishing watching Bassmasters.

  • Brady WInans of Caddo Mills, TX writes:

    RE: TV show poll – I have always loved the MLF shows because it is pure "fishing" and not a bunch of studio fluff. My second-favorite show would be the Bassmasters, but I feel they have done the show a disservice this year by combining two tournaments into one 1-hour show. It is not the same this year and I understand they increased their Bass Live! coverage but who has 6 hours during a workday to watch it? The show was always a compressed version of the tournament and I am disappointed they got away from that format.

  • Remi DeMatteo of Poydras writes:

    RE: TV show poll – Major League Fishing is hands down the best; love the action, love seeing the other anglers' reactions (especially when KVD starts catching). But there's also enough info about where and why; which baits are working and the frustration we all share when the fish aren't where we think they should be.

    The biggest plus? No overbearing, irrelevant " hosts" ruining the show. Marty Stone is the model for the perfect analyst. He competed at the highest level and always asks the right questions.

    P.S. – the wannabes can't match Fish Fishburne – he made that style work, but only him. Just one man's opinion.

  • Scott Gatlin of Leesburg, FL writes:

    RE: TV show poll – Actually Bass Live! and although I have only seen the FLW Live product once, they are the best things going. Informative and the cold, unvarnished truth.

  • Bernie House of Lebanon, TN writes:

    RE: TV show poll – Bassmasters used to be my favorite but their coverage has gone downhill – not enough about the anglers and the fishing. MLF does the best job of presenting a fishing show we can learn from and get to know the anglers better.

  • Rick Mills of Woodbridge, VA writes:

    RE: TV show poll – I watch all three. I would rate Major League Fishing #1 because it has more fish catches and more drama. Bassmasters would be #2 but only because their job is so much harder. They have to cover 100-plus anglers over large bodies of water for 4 days as opposed to MLF covering 6 to 12 over a small course in one day. Bassmasters definitely has the best content. FLW runs a distant 3rd.

  • Terry L. Bonsell of Fruitland Park, FL writes:

    RE: Forrest Wood Cup – Should be 50 competitors in the Cup.

  • Tim Farruggio of Long Branch, NJ writes:

    RE: Forrest Wood Cup – An outstanding field, and as usual BassFan will do a great job covering the tournament. Congratulations to all!

  • Jim Liner of Pintlala, AL writes:

    RE: Sonar says thanks – Good job, Miles. Keep up the good work and attitude.

  • Remi DeMatteo of Poydras, LA writes:

    RE: Balog on circuits – Great article, which brings me to, hands down, my favorite T.V. fishing show – Major League Fishing. Very much the competition the article speaks of and informative at the same time. I'm still all in with FLW and BASS competition, but it's not presented on TV with the same direction and I can't travel to events like I would like to; plus some of the "personalities" are overbearing and take away from the event, just MHO.

  • Dave Shellhaas of Frostproof, FL writes:

    RE: Balog on Istokpoga – One of the big problems at 'Poga and most of the other lakes, in my opinion, is the FWC needs to have better control over the spray boats. They keep saying that they need to spray to help control waterways and navigation. Would like to know how spraying every living thing on all the banks affects navigation. Not sure the FWC and the actual sprayers are on the same page. Now they want to establish native plants in 'Poga. Pretty sure they would not have to do that if they would not have sprayed all the native plants that were already there. Need some accountability on the spray boats that will make sure that what is getting sprayed is not EVERYTHING!

  • Andy Williamson of Lake Andes, SD writes:

    After talking with the FLW tour tournament director, June 12, 2017, I learned that they regard the Guadalupe bass as a spotted bass, thus making them legal to weigh in!

    What made me curious about this was the article on Stephen Patek in the May/June 2017 issue of FLW Bass Fishing, where he said about his day 3 in the Lake Travis event, that he needed to cull "one little Guadalupe bass". FLW Tour tournament rules say only largemouth, spotted, redeye or smallmouth bass are accepted. If they want to include Guadalupe bass in there, they should have it written in the rules. Spotted bass and Guadalupe bass are two entirely different species.

  • Michael Bedenbaugh of Lakeland, FL writes:

    RE: Balog on Istokpoga – This story is just one of the many that has happened in our state. For years our lake managers have felt that our lakes didn't need the management other states have put in place because we are the "bass capital." The state of our fisheries is now proving otherwise.

    Another example of a fishing tragedy right down the road from Istokpoga is lake Walk in the Water – once one of the best lakes in the country and now it's the shell of what it used to be. Once the hydrilla was gone, 2 years after, so are the fish. This lake once supported many guides and was an incredible fishery. Now other than a few days during the spawn it is almost impossible for an average angler to catch a limit. With all the year-round pressure and the countless new people moving into our state, we need to be on the cutting edge of fish management, but I think the total decline in almost all fisheries in our state prove we are anything but.

  • Johnny McLean of Little Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Balog on Istokpoga – As usual, good article, Joe. I would not be too optimistic about the future since the lake is up against probably the most powerful lobby in D.C., big agriculture. Usually all water-quality problems can be tracked back to sediment, nitrogen or phosphorus.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Kissimmee, FL writes:

    RE: Balog on Istokpoga – Florida lake levels remain constant? Lake Toho and the Kissimmee chain have the water level dropped very early in the year. This is supposedly in preparation for the rainy season. Add in the ridiculous amount of hydrilla and you have a significantly smaller lake, much of it unnavigable. This is the case for a good part of the year. Most docks and canals are unreachable.

  • Dustin Daggett of Twin Lake, MI writes:

    RE: Balog on Istokpoga – When the real estate bubble burst, I moved from Michigan to Florida with the company I worked for. I spent many weekends (far too many, if you ask my wife) fishing Okechobee, Istokpoga and the Kissimmee Chain. I saw firsthand the destruction U.S. Sugar and other special interest groups did (and continue to do) to these fisheries.

    Thanks for writing this article and letting the bass fishing masses know!

  • Bryan Heaberlin of Lake Helen, FL writes:

    Istokpoga has always been my favorite lake in Florida Even as nasty as they have allowed it to become, it still has been giving up awesome weights this season. We have huge problems here in Florida. The machine that controls the herbicide sprayboats is completely and utterly out of control ... it needs to be rolled back. Yes, control and access is necessary, so they are needed for this, but they spray so much and so often that they are killing all these lakes. They spot-spray around the natives so much that they end up killing the natives back so much that the exotics take their place. It's called chasing your tail.

    Spraying leads to more spraying, all the breakdown releases even more nutrients into the system and we end up with algae blooms and nasty water. We as citizens need to stand up to this and demand they stop this level of application. It isn't going to stop unless we get together and demand that it does.

    Anyone ever wonder why FWC always trots someone out to speak about this with about 5 years to go before retirement? Folks, it will always be someone else's fault – the farmers, the lakefront property owners, high water, low water, you name it ... they take zero responsibility.

  • Mark Zona of Sturgis, MI writes:

    RE: All-American winner – Way to go, Marshall Deakins! You are one of the best I've ever met .. on and off the water. Well-deserved on your win.

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