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  • Mark Ripp of Belmont, WI writes:

    RE: Windy City Classic – I know the Classic in Chicago often gets a bad rap and for many reasons it deserves to. That said, for a 15-year-old kid such as myself living in Wisconsin, it was my best opportunity to go to a Classic at the time. To me, it was a great Classic because it came to a part of the country that at the time hadn’t really seen a major tournament like that. While it may not have brought the results or the fanfare as most Classics, for some it was still the greatest show in fishing. I’d like to see it go to more unconventional places to expose more people to it outside of the typical audience.

  • Dennis Pentecost of Milford, IL writes:

    Really getting disillusioned with all these bass pros doing nothing but pushing high-priced equipment that l and the common guy cannot afford. They have become in my eyes nothing more than insurance and car salesmen!

  • Bob Scheurer of Linden, CA writes:

    RE: Nixon's steadiness – It is great reading an article like this on such an amazing angler. I am also up in years and have grown up watching these pros as I learned from them. Health issues may slow us elders a little, but we press on. Go get 'em, Larry!

  • Terry Battisti of Oak Ridge, TN writes:

    RE: Lake Powell biologist reflects – Thank you, Wayne, for all your years of hard work and dedication. Now get back out there and catch some more fish!

  • Thomas Whitman of Boulder Junction, WI writes:

    RE: Balog on livewelll procedures – I've used hydrogen peroxide for bleeding smallmouth. I've found mortality rates to be FAR less when hydrogen peroxide was added to stop the bleeding.

  • David Flippo of Amory, MS writes:

    RE: Cox's St. Lawrence DQ – The rule was in place from the start. I am glad to see B.A.S.S. going by written rules and not changing for one angler. Great job, B.A.S.S.

  • Bill Whitehead of Ridgeway, ON writes:

    RE: Cracking a Ned – Great article! So many relevant details on the Ned technique from anglers 'in the know'. LePera nails it again!

  • Rick Birge of Chipley, FL writes:

    RE: Arey's video from home – If ya got 'em rocking to some AC/DC, then ya raised 'em right!

  • Quinn Hoyer of Cadiz, KY writes:

    RE: Balog on Lau – Thanks, Joe, for making me remember.

  • Tymothy Seymour of Azle, TX writes:

    RE: Cox's St. Lawrence DQ – I think Cox got a raw deal here. This made me question weather I should support B.A.S.S. moving forward.

  • David Harrison of Huntsville, AL writes:

    I saw where BASS is now dropping each angler's worst finish for classic qualifying. Hurt Bill Lowen. I am guessing that John can drop the tournament he misses as his worst and still have the opportunity to fish the Classic?

    BassFan says: Cox also has a 96th-place finish from Neely Henry Lake on his ledger, so he's one of the anglers who doesn't derive much benefit from the drops relative to the rest of the field.

  • Alan Jackson of Newport News, VA writes:

    RE: Cox's St. Lawrence DQ – I agree with B.A.S.S.' decision. I feel bad for John, but they absolutely made the right decision.

  • Terry Battisti of Oak Ridge, TN writes:

    RE: Balog on Lau – Great piece, Joe, and thank you for remembering Glen. He was truly a pioneer and worthy of Mt. Rushmore.

  • James Lee Ogstad of Caldwell, ID writes:

    RE: BassFan World Rankings – I'm not a fan of Mr. Wheeler. He is a real good fisherman, he just has a large ego. No thanks

  • Martin D. Lamb of Albia, IA writes:

    RE: Lure Lock and NASCAR – It is a guarantee that a fishing product is overpriced when they become the primary sponsor for a NASCAR team.

  • Tommy Cauley of Bee Branch, AR writes:

    RE: Balog on Lau – Great thoughts, Joe. The whole world needs to learn this.

  • Glen Coates of Raleigh, NC writes:

    RE: Catching Bass with Wilks – Like your show. Would like to know what is the largest bass caught on Falls Lake. I caught an 11-pound, 11-ounce.

  • Mike Maloney of Millstone, NJ writes:

    I have been a fan of BassFan for years, loyal follower reading your articles almost daily. With that said, the lead-in to the article of Hank Cherry winning his second classic in a row is a pathetic excuse for journalism. He did something for only the 4th time in professional bass fishing, however it seems to be nothing but a putdown. I would say I would expect better from BassFan but with the recent ownership change, maybe this will become the new norm.

  • Loren Juday of Conroe, Texas writes:

    Why does Fox Sports (FS1 and FS2) not televise the weigh-ins on B.A.S.S. tournaments? It's like watching a NASCAR race except for the last 10 minutes.

  • Charley David of Italy, Texas writes:

    RE: Sen Cruz at the Classic – God bless Ted Cruz and God bless Texas! Good to see folks acting normal again! Being an "essential" worker (construction), we never got shut down like many did. If anything, we got another gear!

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