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  • David Morgan of Rutledge, TN writes:

    RE: Coulter's recovery – I'm recovering from distal bicep tendon surgery at 52 after 30-plus years of fishing. Not an easy age to start learning how to use a left-hand baitcasting reel, but I'm trying. Good article and good advice for all anglers. Heal up quick, Brandon.

  • Steve Boyd of Orlando, FL writes:

    RE: Florida hawg factories – Florida Sportsman must’ve got paid because that lake is good but never THAT good. Lake Kenansville destroys Kissimmee in only 6 months of fishing.

    Trophy Catch has been won more by a guy in Jacksonville than Kissimmee. And, of course, there’s Okeechobee, which sells more live bait than any other lake in Florida.

    Truth is, no one keeps track of 10-pound bass in Florida to any extent that one could make a claim of which lake is best.

  • Jim Finley of Coconut Creek, FL writes:

    RE: FLW Pro Circuit 2021 schedule – Looks like a great schedule for the circuit, now lets see how long it takes MLF to change the format to a super tournament so they can take care of their own. Just wait, you know it's going to happen.

  • Charles Bowman of Kernersville, NC writes:

    RE: MLF TV numbers – At least in my neck of the woods, Bassmaster is hardly ever on TV and it seems like MLF is on every time I turn on the TV. If Bassmaster is hardly ever on, and MLF is on all the time, the numbers don't mean anything.

    I like both TV shows. For me and my household, I'd rather have MLF on in the background while I'm on my iPad than news or re-runs of sitcoms, and since MLF is on TV all the time, its easy to click the TV to MLF and let it play. If Bassmaster was on with this frequency, it would be on in the background, too.

    IMO, the article is not comparing apples to apples in terms of viewership.

  • Johnny McLean of Little Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Plastics found in smallmouths – This is a sad reflection of American culture in general. I suppose most people, including us bass fishermen, are afraid to say anything about it or else we might be criticized for the amount of plastic we use in our favorite hobby. We really need to wake up if we want future generations to have the same opportunities that we have.

  • John Orchard of Winston-Salem, NC writes:

    RE: 2021 Toyota Series schedule – Did they eliminate the Eastern Division?

    BassFan says: The Eastern and Southeastern divisions have been eliminated for 2021.

  • Jim Finley of Coconut Creek, FL writes:

    I still continue to find it unbelievable that MLF totally downplays the FLW Pro Circuit. Really, a championship wrestling belt instead of a Cup trophy? What a joke!

  • Steve Craighead of Mt Holly, NC writes:

    The article that was linked about the invasion of Alabama bass into Virginia waters had one inaccurate statement. Yes, the spotted bass seems to have taken over Lake Norman, but with the influx of spots, now the fishing is much much better. Before the spots were released, Lake Norman was a pitiful fishery, now it’s one of the best in the Carolinas. I know that some folks hate the spotted bass, but they have rejuvenated a sad lake.

  • Jody Mullins of Glen Allen, VA writes:

    RE: Dyer's new deal – Congratulations Clay!

  • Terry Bonsell of Fruitland Park, FL writes:

    RE: Northern Open at Lay Lake – This is so wrong. Taking a northern tour and moving it into Alabama. Really straining the northern fellows' ability to fish this tournament.

  • Timothy Simpson of Gretna, VA writes:

    RE: Dyer's new deal – The signing of Clay can only propel your company to another plateau. He not only represents the bass fishing industry, he works for the Lord! His followers will now use your products also. Such a smart and popular signing. Go Clay!

  • Jeff Payne of Damascus, AR writes:

    RE: Dyer's new deal _ Congratulations to Clay Dyer. You are an inspiration to many.

  • Mike Bingham of Florence, AL writes:

    RE: Yelas' old-school approach – Jay may remember the B.A.S.S. tourney day we fished together in 1990 on Lake Ontario. We burned spinnerbaits on shallow flats all day catching smallies. I learned a lot that day. Jay's tackle was a 7-foot rod and 20-pound mono. sWhile I was having to go around the boat fighting my fish on 12-pound line, Jay would just overpower those 3-pounders and swing 'em in the boat. As he explained, even in super-clear water, line size wasn't a factor when you're reeling that spinnerbait as fast as you can. And the bites are unbelievable! That area was always my favorite place to go. Congrats, Jay – this old-school guy enjoyed watching the coverage of you fishing the shallow stuff.

  • Darrin Heim of Chuluota, FL writes:

    RE: International Rod Building Competition – Reading the list of past entrants and this is truly an international competition with participants from these countries: Taiwan, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Panama, Austria, Indonesia, China, Italy, Hungary, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Portugal and the USA.

    Good luck to all the builders!

  • Don Morse of Winter Park, FL writes:

    RE: International Rod Building Competition – I am excited to be part of making this event the best ever. If you are a custom rod builder this is one you want to join!

  • Richard D. Bowers of Vancouver, WA writes:

    RE: International Rod Building Competition – I have my "Mystery Blank" on the way, can't wait to get started! My first time, and not expecting great things, but we'll see what transpires!

  • David Harrison of Huntsville, AL writes:

    RE: Balog's digital thrillers – Had to make one more comment on the videos. I agree with Joe and love watching the old Bassmaster shows on YouTube. Been watching them for a while now (before COVID). I have thought about tossing my VHS tapes of the shows I was in now that they are on YouTube. My friends and family love it, especially my son seeing Dewey holding him on the weigh-in stand when he was a toddler. Thank you, Lynn, for posting them!

  • Ryan Said of Farmington Hills, MI writes:

    RE: Balog's digital thrillers – I spend a lot of time in the boat with high school anglers and I always ask what fishing shows they watch. Rarely do they tell me Bassmaster or pro tournaments of any kind. Without fail it is things like Googan Squad and other YouTube stars. This may be more of a “northern” thing since fishing is not as ubiquitous as it is down south, but I do find it discouraging. They don’t read fishing magazines and most (unfortunately) don’t even know about BassFan. Even though they tournament-fish, this generation has a different mindset about professional tournament angling ... they don’t see it is a litmus test for techniques and lures for some reason. When questioned, most say they watch YouTube stars because they are entertaining, not necessarily to learn. I have not fully figured out why yet but when I do, I will let you know.

  • David Harrison of Huntsville, AL writes:

    RE: Balog's digital thrillers – Still not a camera in every boat, until the top 10. Yes, most pros now have GoPros everywhere for their personal page, but still lots of "not the full truth" going on. Just look at all the "undisclosed" baits in the event coverage write-ups. I fished as a co-angler for years and was in the middle of the Cochran jerkbait fiasco at G'ville. I was rooming with one of his co-anglers, so we all knew he was telling stories on the weigh-in stand. Just part of the game, as it should be during a tournament.

  • Johnny McLean of Little Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Balog's digital thrillers – Agree Joe, TNN and Bob Cobb were the best. Some of it was the format. I think McKinnis came close with some of his earlier FLW shows like Klein winning on the Mississippi River at Tunica. Maybe the other part is that they were not continually pushing products in your face like the other shows. It was just real fishing with no theatrics.

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