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  • Errol Duckett of Charlotte, NC writes:

    Congratulations to both Major League Fishing and B.A.S.S. alike. When the New York Times publishes an article about tournament bass fishing, the bar has exponentially been raised. It may not be NASCAR quite yet, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

  • Steve Brown of Riverton, AL writes:

    RE: Sealy Big Bash Splash – Sealy hopes/predicts up to 10,000 entries for the 35th anniversary tournament? When do we reach the point of diminishing return by putting too many participants on a body of water all at once?

    I’ve been involved with youth and high school bass events for years and I’m becoming increasingly concerned about the number of tournaments that have unlimited entries. The business of bass tournaments is good and the demand is strong at all levels, but I think we’re doing so at a very high cost.

    Placing hundreds of boats on any body of water is irresponsible and short-sighted. The local tourism boards are going to hurt themselves in the long run.

    We all say “grow the sport,” but at what cost?

  • Chris Boston of Tampa, FL writes:

    I don't see the BPT as the future of tournament fishing. Many I know love the weigh-in structure. The other is great for an edited TV show. I also think the conservation angle is being overstated – weigh and release, if done right, does not ruin a fishery.

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    RE: Dudley to decide – Just when you thought the employee bidding war was over. At least Dudley will be bringing fish to a stage to awe the crowd instead of a video of someone weighing in 10 fish for 13 pounds to advance to the next round. Maybe the push-button reels will make a comeback.

  • Rob Hicks of Lula, GA writes:

    Would like to see Charlie Hartley back on Elites!

  • Brian Hopwood of Ridgeley, WV writes:

    RE: BPT's game day experience – The weigh-in and livewell fish days have passed. It is time for BASS and FLW to get with the program and out of the old format. Catch-weigh-release is the future of the sport and they all know it.

  • Jim Finley of Coconut Creek, FL writes:

    RE: BPT's game day experience – Why would anyone show up and watch a so-called weigh-in that's not even at the site of the tournament? The BPT believes that 40 anglers pulling into some offsite location with their trucks and boats, blasting showtime music, is going to be interesting? Oh wait, the exciting part will be getting to watch the anglers catch pre-recorded fish on a big screen TV. Now that's exciting! Why not just stay home and watch it live on TV?

    I think the BPT has a lot of work ahead of them if they believe people are going to come out to a post-game show just to see who the sponsors are. Good luck!

  • John Charles Cregger of Hardy, VA writes:

    RE: Bass Pro Tour – People want fish, let's do build-a-bag. Have very realistic fake fish. 17 pounds? No problem. Load the bag with a 5, 4, 3, 2, another 3. Boom shacallaca, 17 pounds. Have live feed recorded for actual catches and angler can narrate each catch. People want fish, we got fish. Conservation all the way.

  • Tony Hill of York, SC writes:

    RE: Bass Pro Tour – Don't understand why they didn't take a year and get all of this sorted out. Then, roll out the program and full details. Furthermore, I can't believe these anglers committed to an incomplete program that has about as many questions as answers.

  • Dean Martin of Westport, KY writes:

    RE: Bass Pro Tour –I think the whole deal has a bad smell to it. When the do-gooders get ahold of this it will hurt the small tournaments.

  • Steven Rockweiler of Luling, LA writes:

    I agree, pro bass fishing is a niche sport, as ESPN finally found out. The pros all sounded bitter toward the owners of B.A.S.S., but they are not running a charity event. Pros will be fishing for mainly their own money, unless a rich entity like Johnny Morris or another comes in with their check book. This appears to what has now happened with BPT. The next thing BPT is betting on is a big increase in TV revenue. They better check with ESPN on that one, even though they claim their model to be superior.

  • Ken Ballard of Lincoln, AL writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – My most current Super Fluke story is as follows. I live on Choccoloc Creek on Logan Martin Lake. I have a pontoon boat I fish off of (lost my bass boat to a fire ). I walk the bank every morning when the water starts coming up. This one morning I walked the bank for about an hour and I had over 20 pounds with my best seven fish.

  • Jimbo Vines of Paris, TN writes:

    RE: Bass Pro Tour – I've already cancelled my Outdoor package on Dish and will not watch. I don't like drama in pro sports and fishing has been relatively immune until now and I don't care for it. If I have time to watch 2 hours of fishing, I'll just go from now on.

  • James Lee Ogstad of Caldwell, ID writes:

    RE: Ike's new show – I would not watch this little cry baby. Let him throw our flag in the water. We are tired of his screaming and yelling.

  • Charles Clary of Hattiesburg, MS writes:

    RE: Lowen's decision – My hat is off to you, Bill, for following your heart and keeping your word. So many people nowadays are wishy-washy (two-faced).

  • Larry Gardner of Terre Haute, IN writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The only worm I use is the Trick Worm, but I voted for the Brush Hog as it landed my only 10-pound bass.

  • Jimmy Yarbrough of Hartselle, AL writes:

    Probably won't change your opinion, but in fairness to B.A.S.S., the anglers requested the reduction in Classic money and the $200,000 went to the AOY Championship. B.A.S.S. lost money for the 10 years ESPN owned them and the first three years that Logan, Copeland and McKinnis did. I also found McKinnis' statement regrettable, but he is no longer one of the owners of B.A.S.S.

  • Jim Lamb of Williamsville, NY writes:

    RE: Lowen's decision – Loyalty to friends and to the organization of B.A.S.S. speaks volumes of your character. Just became a Bill Lowen fan.

  • Scott A. Cremeans of Albany, OH writes:

    RE: Lowen's decision – You, my friend just got a new fan. Well said and good luck in 2019.

  • Dan Phillips of Lawrenceville, GA writes:

    RE: Lowen's decision – I was a marshal at the AOY tournament and drew Bill Lowen on day 1. I've fished all my life, 74 year old. Bill was very much accommodating. He fished 100 percent all day and explained why he was fishing with different lures. He treated me very well. I have great respect for him, He will win soon.

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