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  • Ken Snow of Durand, WI writes:

    If John Cox is successful at fishing both leagues, It will be interesting to see if that entices others to do the same thing. I think it would be great to see these guys cross over and fish both circuits.

  • Ken Snow of Durand, WI writes:

    With John Cox fishing both the Elites and the BPT, will he skyrocket to No. 1 in the BassFan world rankings?

    BassFan says: Fishing more tournaments isn't necessarily an advantage in the Rankings, but with Cox's propensity for high finishes it could end up being one for him. Competing on both circuits will not, however, provide an automatic boost.

  • John A. Argese of Greer, SC writes:

    Tournament angling has ALWAYS been a game of those who use lake knowledge and rules to their advantage.
    Roland Martin, Randy Blaukat and Mark Menendez are three who come quickly to mind.

  • Andy Williamson of Lake Andes, SD writes:

    About KVD, blades and pork, I know the REDCREST is over, but am hoping KVD (and others) considered a different kind of pork on the end of that Thunder Cricket and spinnerbait. Uncle Josh #11 is back, and a piece with about half of the fat trimmed away is an excellent trailer on those lures.

  • John Finn of Huntley, IL writes:

    Who is your oldest subscriber? I know I must be in the running!

    BassFan says: We don't actually have a subscription service – our visitors would be termed "readers" or "viewers." As to who's the oldest, I'm afraid have no way of determining that.

  • Joe Vanleunen of Chesterfield, MO writes:

    RE: Balog on REDCREST – I'll watch the tournament that starts Thursday where every cast counts and every angler knows you can't coast!

  • Dennis Pentecost of Milford, IL writes:

    Have to laugh at these bass fishermen who apply for field staff with a company for a very small discount on products, then tell everybody they are sponsored by that company!

  • Tim Teale of Hot Springs, AR writes:

    RE: REDCREST relocated – Tough break for Texas fans. I was looking forward to competition on an unknown lake. Alabama selection always a plan B, I guess.

  • Dennis Pentecost of Milford, IL writes:

    Now that B.A.S.S. is on live TV they should go back to using nets instead of boat-flipping and bouncing the fish on the the carpet because a lot of newcomers are going to view this as abuse. Some on Facebook are already questioning if it is abuse and watching and complaining!

  • Paul Zuest of Klamath Falls, OR writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – Electronics advancements are doing to fishing what ATVs and 4-wheelers have done to hunting. When the game has nowhere to hide, its numbers dwindle. With no place where they can feed and procreate, their quality suffers. In the long run the sport will suffer.

  • Frank Sullivan of Buckner, MO writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – No way. These companies make this equipment for the pros, not the average Joe. They could care less about the little guy. If the elite guy can't use the equipment, why build it? They want the endorsement from the big men. Frankly, so do I.

  • Steve Kirby of Columbus, OH writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – Just like the motor horsepower limits in the old days, the same reckonings are being heard about electronics. We failed to realize the impact of hp back then, let's not repeat the same with today's advanced dumbed-down electronics. It may be too little, too late, but with the advent of what is virtually underwater TV, where's the skill level? Of course the major manufacturers are all too happy to comply and who can blame them, they're out to make a buck. Close the door, folks, and get skill back into the equation.

  • Doug Rogers of China Grove, TX writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – Two depthfinders per boat – one up front, one at the driver's area.

  • Larry Mullikin of Jacksonville, FL writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – Yes, there should be limits. There's way too much tech and there will be even more to come in the coming years. But Lowrance, Humminbird and Garmin will have something to say about that. Fishing tournaments just won't be the same. The better fisherman will not be winning, it will be the most technical anglers winning.

  • Steve Jones of Moss Point, MS writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – I think they should have limits. In the MLF Cup events, all anglers have the same identical electronics (one on the bow and one on the console), the same trolling motor except for specific boat brand, no practice, the playing field is as level as possible.

    NASCAR has restrictor plates, golf has club rules. We joke about what's next – 40-inch screens, underwater cameras that can see in any color water? This is fishing. You can catch fish without all this stuff. It's all about money.

    If it were my call, it would be two units on the console and two on the bow max. No cameras. One Hydrowave-type unit. The pros all mostly have two on the console and three on the bow ... crazy! This isn't fair to the younger folks coming up. They see this and think they have to have all this stuff to catch fish. It's misleading and also very costly. It turns off as many kids as it gets, IMO.

    My college fishing buddies who are much younger than I am make the comment that if you're gonna stare at a screen all day and cast to a fish on screen, why not just have video game fishing tournaments. No need for a boat, etc. Good point!

  • Jeff Pasternak of Marietta, GA writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – I think it is time to reel in some of the newest technology when it comes to professional angling. I am starting to see such a gap created in the angling world. Our sport, of which I was once a part, is threatening to become an elitist activity, at least from a tournament participation standpoint.

    I know that being able to see every fish, which the pros remind us of, certainly has put pressure on the waters. Let's bring back a little more fish-finding knowledge as part of the skillset. I know I would enjoy watching it again much more.

  • Stan Williamson of LaGrange, GA writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – Should only be allowed one graph at the console and one at the bow.

  • Steve Brockman of Milford, OH writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – There is already a tour that does this. It's the MLF Cup events. They only have 7 to 9-inch screens and no forward-facing sonar. B.A.S.S. just has to start a circuit like that.

  • Dewayne Voss of Harp, AR writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – At age 75, I do enjoy watching the pros and wannabes use the gadets and technology and seeing how they help them catch fish. I still use the two Lowrance Flashers that came standard on my Stratos boat 28 years ago. Still going strong.

  • George Fiorille of Moravia, NY writes:

    RE: Limited technology poll – Just like banning the jet boats, why should a given few have the unfair advantage?

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