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  • Charley David of Italy, TX writes:

    RE: BPT AOY prediction – Kevin VanDam will be the man in '19.

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    Really looking forward to the live coverage of all three bass trails to start, especially the new BPT. It will be interesting to see what the results are of the most attended or watched tour. Go BassFan!

  • Charlie Hartley of Grove City, OH writes:

    RE: BPT AOY prediction – "Who you got?" KVD all the way, let's see how many BPT AOYs he can rack up! This is gonna be great! Can't wait to watch!

  • George Fiorille of Moravia, NY writes:

    Best go-to lure – 4-inch Senko. Besides being wacky- or Texas-rigged in warm shallow to medium-depth water, it can be dragged deep on a jighead and also dropshotted deep as well.

  • Tom Tanner of Jonestown, PA writes:

    It's difficult to define what "growing the sport" really means. I think the goal should be to "grow participation in the sport of fishing," which will lead to better things for everyone, whether they fish competitively or not. I agree that there needs to be more focus on protecting/enhancing our waters because our sport depends on a healthy environment. We also need more efforts to recruit people who just want to fish for fun and have no interest in fishing tournaments.

    Tournament coverage on TV appeals to some people more than others, but it may also attract more younger people to the sport. Hopefully they learn to appreciate the true spirit of fishing and don't look at it as just another area to compete against others.

  • Ryan Park of Mount Joy, PA writes:

    RE: MLF format – The catch, weigh and release format is great except for one big issue that will present itself. I do not know the rules and this may have already been addressed, but here goes: Head north in June to a smallmouth venue and watch how many anglers catch the same 4-pound smallie off the same bed for multiple days. We all know that a spawning smallie isn't always the smartest creature, and they are usually fairly easy to catch. One fish could be an easy 12 to 16 pounds of one angler's cumulative weight over the course of a few days, if not the same day.

  • Gloria Wills of Eufaula, AL writes:

    RE: Batts' Go Fish sponsorship – Clayton will be a great asset to the Go Fish program. Enjoyed taking my great nieces and nephew from Texas to Perry. Congrats to Clayton!

  • Robert Watson of Rosiclaire, IL writes:

    RE: Balog on cold-water lunkers – I mainly bass fish from October to April and have caught a lot of big fish during these months. I fish very little in the summer months. I've been doing this since the mid 1980s.

  • Bill Bright of International Falls, MN writes:

    RE: Kenney's broadcasting gig – I have been waiting for this article on JT since he announced his retirement!

  • Lee Cox of Frederick, MD writes:

    RE: Kenney's broadcasting gig – Wishing JT great success on his new venture.

  • Steven Rockweiler of Luling, LA writes:

    In reading the Balog interview with Kenney, I had these bells go off in my head for the umpteenth time lately. Kenney stated one of the reasons for making the move to broadcaster was to move the sport along. Some other pros like the "grow the sport" adage. When this is spoken, what they really mean is to grow the sport for the pros and their group. More money, more security and more for people running things for more wealth. I will give MLF this – the instant release of all bass, and a penalty for bouncing a creature that lives in a weightless environment on the floor of a boat, is much needed. I too suspect delayed mortality is catching up with us, and more importantly, bringing back tons of bass to one location at a launch time and time again for many tournaments throughout the year is degrading the lakes.

    Who is trying to "grow the sport" for the average fisherman? By this I mean who is trying to lobby for more lakes and putting more money into improving existing lakes and rivers? I have been a life member of B.A.S.S. since 1974. I liked the initial effort by Ray Scott to consolidate bass fishermen into a more powerful group. One of the best ideas besides catch and release was helping to point out polluters and clean up our waterways. This effort has faded over several sales of B.A.S.S., and the effort is just not there like it was.

    FLW will tell you they are merely a tournament organization, and MLF will tell you the same, although they will use the term "grow the sport". The sport has grown immensely with the advent of college, high school and now middle school fishing teams. It is great to have young folks involved in bass fishing, but around here, we have not had a new launch built in decades. Most states have budget issues and improving lakes is at the absolute bottom of the list. So let's be fair and upright when using phrases like "we want to grow the sport ... for us pros."

  • Earl Bennett of Mt. Vernon, IL writes:

    RE: Kenney's broadcasting gig – I cant wait to watch JT on MLF. It's going to be awesome.

  • Hank Patton of Berea, KY writes:

    RE: Roy's Covercraft sponsorship – Bradley Roy is the real deal! Bradley has made a significant impact in the region through his high school tournament, but he has also made $36,000 on behalf of veterans and their families across the United States. His support of USA Cares and his commitment to support those who sacrificed for our freedom is above reproach. He is a world class angler and true patriot!

  • Erick Arnoldson of San Antonio, TX writes:

    RE: Davis' new offerings – Dave Davis is the man! We wish you lots and lots of success.

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    RE: Confidence bait – Fishing as a co-angler for a few years on the FLW Tour, the two baits that caught fish at virtually every destination were a green-pumpkin Zoom Baby Brush Hog and a Senko.

  • Doris Butler of Venice, FL writes:

    RE: BPT to open at Toho – This is awesome – can’t wait. My husband fishes Lake Toho quite often. We love it. Hopefully we’ll get to see our favorite anglers.

  • Tim Brown of Ridge Top, TN writes:

    RE: Bass Pro Tour schedule – Some lakes like Kentucky have areas with no reception? How will MLF deal with that?

    BassFan says: Those places may have to be placed off-limits.

  • Mark Trego of Viola, IL writes:

    RE: Confidence bait – When the going gets tough, a 4-inch black ringworm with a white tail is what I reach for.

  • Jeremy Starks of Florence, AL writes:

    RE: Confidence bait – When I'm flipping the river (Pickwick) or the lake (Wilson), my go-to bait is a Yum Wooly Hawgtail (4.5 inches, green-pumpkin). It flat out catches fish. Pre-spawn and spawn is when it shines. It outcatches my friends hands down. If there is a flipping bite, I will have this rigged on a 7'6 Duckett Ghost Heavy with 50-pound braid, 1/4-ounce tungsten with a Lew's Speed Spool 7:3 or faster.

  • Johnny McLean of Little Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Yelas back with B.A.S.S. – Thanks for linking that 2006 Yelas opinion on B.A.S.S. Yelas is a good guy and that opinion piece was spot-on. It still amazes me that ESPN wanted other anglers to act like Iaconelli. I like Jerry McKinnis also, but I think you have to draw the line when you are trying produce a fishing show and your higher-ups are trying to produce something else.

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