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All Topics   August 2019
  • James Barron of Pilot Point, TX writes:

    I was looking for Kyle Walters info on your site and never found him. He placed 2nd in the FLW Cup and when he stood next to 5'7" Brian Thrift on the stage it looked like David vs. Goliath. Thrift looked like a kid. I was going to see how tall he is but he's not listed.

    BassFan says: Walters isn't listed among the angler profiles because he's never been a full-time tour pro. At 6'7", he's exactly a foot taller than Thrift.

  • Jim Behnken of New Braunfels, TX writes:

    Four-plus hours post FLW Cup weigh-in and not a peep from BassFan? Coverage gets worse by the week. Time for me to remove BassFan From my favorites and daily read.

    BassFan says: Circumstances occasionally arise in this business, like in any other, that cause brief delays in the delivery of the product. Nonetheless, BassFan has never failed to deliver same-day coverage of a tour-level competition day since its inception in 2001.

  • Kevin Clingan of Springfield, MO writes:

    Anyone can catch 12-inch fish. Give me five that weigh something.

  • Michael W. Belter of Reidsville, NC writes:

    I'm kind of surprised how quickly my interest as a fan of my favorite pros who went BPT/MLF has waned. I used to follow certain pros, but now I've even stopped subscribing to some of their YouTube channels. I still watch for 10 minutes here and there, but I really don't care who wins or who makes the cut. Maybe because it seems more like watching a fishing show than a tournament anymore.

  • Jason Yelverton of Rogersville, AL writes:

    RE: Balog reminisces – Absolutely awesome article! Reminds me of some of the adventures of my younger years growing up in southern Mississippi fishing oxbows, gravel pits and such with family and friends.

All Topics   August 2019

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