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All Topics   August 2018
  • Tommy Yates of Scurry, TX writes:

    RE: Raul Morineau passes – Got to fish with Raul in an old Anglers Choice Pro-Am event once here in Texas. What a great guy to spend a day in the boat with. I still have fond memories of some of our great conversations we had that day.

  • Mike Bingham of Florence, AL writes:

    RE: Raul Morineau passes – I drew Raul in the early '90s in a B.A.S.S. Invitational. I only caught one bass that day, while we were anchored in one spot most of the day. He had electric anchors!! But what I learned from him led me to a 3rd-place finish. I always looked forward to seeing him. He never met a stranger and always had a smile. Great guy. I'm glad I knew him!

  • Steve Smith of Commerce, MI writes:

    RE: Tournament cancellations – After the Okeechobee event, I think all organizations are going to err on the safe side.

  • Ed Cowan of Greeley, PA writes:

    RE: Tournament cancellations – A couple points. I've fished both bodies of water in question. In 1991 I fished the Classic on the Upper Bay and practice day No. 1 was cancelled due to weather – B.A.S.S.' first cancellation. The bay is real big and if they moved down the bay it would have been okay. The Susquehanna runoff eddies across the NE and getting out would have been an issue. Elite Tournaments are all about money and the show and moving one is not really an option. As for the Great Lakes, I'm okay with the St. Lawrence River or even St. Clair but the Lakes, bass boats do not belong on them. As for speed limits and sanity, I still liked the 150-hp B.A.S.S. limit.

  • Jonah Fanucci of Royersford, PA writes:

    RE: Tournament cancellations: Wrong about Chesapeake, right about Erie.

All Topics   August 2018

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