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  • Steven Avakian of Paramus, NJ writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The Zoom Fluke has caught tons of fish. Great design and action and is a standard for imitating shiners. Always have one tied on.

  • Bill Smith of Springfield, MO writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The first time I saw a Brush Hog I thought it was a joke. But after 30 minutes flipping flooded willows on Table Rock in June, I had 25 pounds in my livewell. I have been sold ever since. The Trick Worm is also great bait - wacky rig, shaky worm and dropshotting.

  • Jeff Walker of Cambridge, IN writes:

    RE: Family Guy's boat launch – Too good and too true! Reminds me of watching a couple launching on a very long and steepish ramp. Brand new boat and it was obvious that they didn't know what they were doing. He walked down the ramp next to the boat holding the nose rope. She started to drift to one side and he yelled at her. She jumped on the brakes and the boat, which was on a roller trailer and had the nose unclipped, kept right on going off the trailer and onto the concrete. She took one look and quickly drove away, leaving him standing there holding the rope with the boat about 25 feet or more away from the water. Needless to say, no other boats launched or loaded for a good half-hour until that mess got cleaned up.

  • Mike Schooler of Albany, TX writes:

    RE: Balog on 'the code' – I agree with Haynes. The code has been demolished. It is no fun to fish an event where people are moving on top or cutting you off. Every event should have a 50- or 100-foot rule, period. If an earlier boat is on the spot, move on. If needed, work it out the night before if you know someone is heading that way. What once was considered a gentlemen’s sport has turned into a whole lot of rude people who think it’s okay to whatever it takes to win.

  • Steve Brown of Riverton, AL writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – Like most, I was shocked to see Randy abruptly leave Kentucky Lake last week. But, unless you’re from Pickwick, you probably don’t understand there’s a lot of history at play here. Randy knew he had to remove himself before things got out of hand.

    Both these guys learned their fishing ways from local legends who, “back in the day” before social media, settled things later. That would not have been good. Hindsight is always 20/20 and it could have been handled better, but it could have been a whole lot worse, too.

  • Frank Kirby of LaGrange, GA writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – If I was a sponsor of Mr. Haynes I’d drop him like a hot potato. People have been racing to spots since the first B.A.S.S. tournament held! Come on, man!

  • John Kelbe of Garland, TX writes:

    RE: Balog on Haynes – I also feel that Haynes is making a statement about the size of the field FLW now has. They added several more boats to the field this year, and the more boats, the more water you have to share. I have also heard rumors that Haynes quit Costas because to many guys would follow him around and try to pot-lick. I believe the frustrations of constantly sharing water boiled over

    I hope that Haynes is not mad at Lambert as he had just as much right to fish there, good for him to not back down from Haynes. Good for Haynes for making a statement so we actually talk about unwritten rules. If no one is trying to teach these rules, then don't expect anyone to learn them.

  • Scott Crawford of San Jose, CA writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out –I think Randy felt that Lambert took his spot after probably seeing him drive by it on day 2, as Lambert said he did. Then never seeing Lambert fish it and with the weight he had from there, Haynes may have felt his spot was poached even though Lambert seems to have fished there first in the event.

    I remember hearing an Elite pro state during day 1 of a competition after he had a good bag early that he needed to go around to his spots the rest of the day to be able to fish them later. He felt that if he was not seen on them, he could not go there during the tournament if other guys were there.

  • Michael Hays of Dyer, IN writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – Kudos, Mr. Haynes! You’ll always have a place in my boat!

  • Ray Arbesu of Henderson, NV writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – This could be avoided if they would use an encroachment rule of 25 yards. Also there is a code of ethics involved.

  • Alex Posey of Roswell, GA writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls ou – So I guess it was just a coincidence that Lambo did the same exact thing to Terry Bolton in 2016 before his last win on Kentucky? Make no mistake about it, this move was part of his game plan to choke out the only competitor left standing in his way. Hey, it’s legal though, so why question it, right?

  • Kevin Crabtree of Sellersburg, IN writes:

    RE: Balog on 'the code' – Old-school code of conduct of respecting other's water is not obsolete. Neither of these two fine gentlemen had a lack of old-school code of conduct, either. In my opinion, Mr. Haynes made a bad decision. You said in the article how both competitors had used the spot on days 1 and 2. Day 3 was a boat race (part of the competition and strategy) to get to the loaded spot. Let's remember that the FLW Tour, along with the Bassmaster Elite Series, are the highest level of competitive bass fishing that exists. The world is watching these tournaments in person and through media outlets. Endemic and non-endemic sponsors are supporting these anglers (and our sport) in many ways, including monetarily.

    I don't fish at this level. I have been a co-angler in a handful of tour events and that has given me a small taste of what it's like for these guys. What happened between Haynes and Lambert was likely nothing different than 20 other instances that occurred between competitors that week. Haynes and Lambert just happened to be the leaders and on FLW Live. So what did other competitors (fishing for big money and points in their own right) do when they found another competitor or local on their spots/areas? I'll tell you. They either adjusted their game plan and found new water, worked their way into the line of fishermen on "their" spot, or just had a conversation with the other person to see how they felt about working together for the benefit of all (Lambert did that).

    I don't know either of these two men personally other than a handshake with Mr. Haynes years ago followed by small-talk conversation at a boat show. But I have a high interest level in everything bass fishing even though I am not a tour-level angler. And my conclusion is that Randy Haynes is a true gentlemen and ambassador for this great sport who simply made a bad choice at the most inopportune time when so many people in the industry were watching. Now that he has had a week to reflect, I'm sure Mr. Haynes realizes this as well.

    Mr. Haynes made a poor decision to leave the tournament early. Unless we are all missing something that he wants to keep private, he had no family emergency or any related issue of any kind that required him to leave. He walked off the biggest stage their is in bass fishing when he had an opportunity to win $100,000. Not only did he embarrass himself, but he also didn't give Mr. Lambert the opportunity to beat all the best anglers and leaders in the standings. Mark Rose had a guy nearly bumping his boat to mark waypoints so he could pound on his fishing spots he worked so hard to find once he left. He didn't go put his boat on the trailer and head to the house. Many anglers in this tournament could give us other instances that occurred where they had to bite their tongue, grind their teeth and just move on. Mr. Haynes himself has surely had other instances like this in his storied career.

    Mr. Haynes may be the best ledge fisherman and Tennessee River fisherman to ever live! I know he had other ledges to fish that had 20-plus pounds on them. He could have stayed on that spot and worked with Lambert as well. I'm glad there are no future consequences for Mr. Haynes from the tournament organization. There are far worse things he could have done. I'll chalk this up to a fine person and fisherman who had a terrible day and made an unfortunate decision with the cameras rolling. He is still one of the biggest class acts out there for sure, in my book.

  • Tommy Cauley of Bee Branch,Ark writes:

    RE: Balog on 'the code' – I don't want to get started, but good write, Joe!

  • John Suzow of Aledo, TX writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – If he never weighed in and left the tournament site, he should have been DQ'd.

  • John A. Argese of Taylors, SC writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – Here's another unwritten code: men are who they are. If a guy isn't honorable at $100,000, he wasn't honorable at $1, but you just didn't pay attention or you didn't care as much.

    Let's stop placing the blame on the money and start placing it where it belongs. It'll straighten up the situation right quick.

  • Errol Duckett of Charlotte, NC writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – I dislike fishing in crowds myself, but in today's professional bass fishing environment, if you can't fish in a crowd, you'll never make it on either tour.

  • Mark Melega of Rices Landing, PA writes:

    I laughed at the Family Guy as he tried to back the boat down the ramp. I laughed until I couldn't take the pain in my broken right arm anymore. Two days before the cartoon came out, my "fishing buddy" of 14 years suddenly forgot how to back my 20-foot Triton trailer down the ramp. I beached the boat and jumped out, only to trip over a parking curb and take a header into a large water puddle on the concrete.

    A handful of people watched as I jumped up, yelling and cussing at my buddy while holding my upper arm, soaking wet. I'll miss mid-May to mid-June. No Erie smallmouth fishing for me this year.

  • Greg Russell of Camden, SC writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – Times have changed, as have ethics on the water. In days gone by, the leader was always given respect, especially to their starting place. Having both anglers fishing the same community hole does make for interesting choices for Lambert, since Haynes was leading and desired to start there, too. Perhaps it would have been best for Lambert to say Haynes can have it and go on. Obviously, Lambert had other places just as good or better.

    As for Haynes pulling out, it does make him look like the kid who took his ball and went home. If it had been me, it would have lit a fire under me, would have made me more determined to beat him by going to another fishing spot. Haynes made the decision in the heat of battle, and after seeing Lambert catch two off the bow of his boat. Hate to second-guess him, but maybe moving on to another fishing spot to cool down would have been a better decision.

  • Jim Nickerson of Halifax, KY writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – Ńo one owns the water In situations like this. You hike up your big boy pants and soldier on.

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – Haynes being a child and taking his toys and running home is just crazy. Besides the thousands of dollars he left on the table, he showed that he can’t handle the pressure of life as a competitor in fishing. Also, this in no way reflects on FLW. Unless you see signs of instability, how could you know a person is going to lose it?

  • Allen Todd of Gardnerville, NV writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – Lambert should have been DQ'd.

  • Butch Voss of Harp, AR writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – So where did the co-angler fishing in Haynes' boat go for the afternoon?

    BassFan says: Co-angler competition in FLW Tour events concludes on day 2. The other person in Haynes' boat was a camera operator.

  • Tom Tanner of Jonestown, PA writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – It's a shame to see what happened at the FLW Tour event at Kentucky Lake. Both Haynes and Lambert are great anglers and this battle should have been determined at the scales. Sportsmanship and ethics on the water are important to the image of the sport, and it's too bad they couldn't work out a plan to share the spot. Unfortunately, however, this happens at every level because the money tops sportsmanship.

  • Tim Farruggio of Long Branch, NJ writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – I hate to say it, but it’s dog eat dog when there's money on the line. It could get out of hand –money could wreck this sport. This situation should never happen. To me, it is embarrassing and sad.

  • Michael Breed of Cortland, NY writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – That was serious disrespect on Lambert’s part. FLW should have reprimanded him. Tainted victory in my book.

  • Terry L. Bonsell of Fruitland Park, FL writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – Haynes got spun out. Should have kept fishing or fished another spot.

  • Joe Gross of Corbin, KY writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – I watched Mr. Haynes at the Lake Cumberland event on FLW Live weigh-in and if I was asked an opinion of him by what I saw, I would guess that he is the biggest ass I have seen. Gets pissy and stomps off. I have heard better of him and have known he is a family man and would never think less of a man for that, but it looks to me that if he doesn't get his way, it's all over.

    I watched the way he treated a co-angler in a tournament and he's just lucky it wasn't me he was talking to or any of my fishing buddies. I hope they never put a camera back on him and really hope Mr. Horton has a few changes for him as well.

  • Steve Del Balzo of Derwood, MD writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – I've fished Zoom plastics since the early '80s and have used most of them. The UV Speed Craw is my favorite plastic of all time. It's my favorite ChatterBait and spinnerbait trailer and I always have one Texas-rigged. It's great on a Carolina rig or on a plain jighead. Always in play anytime of year here on the Potomac River.

  • Paul Wallace of Cambridge City, IN writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – A bubblegum/pink Trick Worm ... 'cause I can see it and so can the fish. Fish it like a jerkbait.

  • Mike Lancett of Rogers, AR writes:

    While BASSTrakk is nice for the fans, it should never be available information to the anglers. Once the tournament begins, decisions and adjustments have to be made by the anglers that turn out right or wrong. Any information pertaining to the weights of other anglers defeats the purity of the sport. It changes the entire equation and would alter the integrity of competition based solely on what should be between each angler and the fish. It's unfortunate that the guy on the bank even relayed the information about Evers' weight.

  • David Perales of Oakdale, LA writes:

    Our favorite Zoom bait is a UV Speed Worm. I caught a 10.72 and my wife caught a 10.23 using this bait.

  • Thomas Abner of Fairdale, KY writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The watermelon pepper Super Fluke is an awesome small water bait. I've fished it for many years. It works in all seasons. Especially good in warmer water.

  • Tim Royall of Winston-Salem, NC writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – I had to vote other in your poll, due to the fact that I believe one of the fish catchingest baits Mr. Chambers ever produced was the Zoom lizard! Man, we used to never, ever leave the dock without several packs! Still don't! We had never even heard of using lizards until we saw the Zoom brand. I think my friends and myself probably have spent small fortunes just on those! Of course, we do have many of Zoom's other baits, and catch many fish with them. The bass fishing world has indeed lost a true pioneer! RIP Mr. Chambers.

  • Shaun Boyle of Aubrey writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The Mag II in electric blue. The man who taught me to catch fish on this worm passed away last summer. I will forever be grateful for the gift of worm fishing and will always have a Mag II in arm's reach.

  • Brian La Rue of Brighton, CO writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – Zoom's basic brown lizard was always a go-to bait on San Diego lakes and some of the waters like Castaic and Casitas!

  • Bobby Munlin of Hemphill, Texas (Toledo Bend) writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – Why isn't the Old Monster on this list? I see them used almost more than the Baby Brush Hog (almost). RIP Sir!

  • Bobby Headrick of Glasgow, KY writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – Zoom 6" lizard, green-pumpkin/chartreuse. I have caught a lot of good fish on it. Had 19 pounds best 5 last Saturday on it. It is my go-to bait in the spring and early summer, then i throw the Baby Brush Hog on a Carolina rig or Zoom Trick and finesse worms. Zoom baits produce when others don't.

  • Rick Someillan of Lacoochee, FL writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – Zoom has been tied on the end of my line in some form since they came out. My three staples are Flukes,Trick Worms and Horny Toads.

  • Jeremy Starks of Tuscumbia, AL writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – Brush Hog, junebug. Ol' Monster, plum.

  • Chris Barrett of Vaughan, ON writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – My favorite way to Zoom is with the Brush Hog Junior.

  • Aaron Snatic of Elizabeth, LA writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – We had just gotten back from a deployment and one of our buddies who fished came down to the boat and showed us the hot bait on Santee Cooper, the Brush Hog. We all had the same thought, what is that? It was a fish-catching bait for sure, though I prefer the Junior version better.

  • Dean Lanternier of Hixson, TN writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The U-Tail worm. I was given some Zoom worms as a going-away gift in the '80s – U-Tails in pumpkin, green gourd, cotton candy. Fell in love, and used them ever since. BTW, I was in S.C. at the time, and it was a hot item there.

  • Roger Pope of Statesville, NC writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – I won my first BFL at Lake Murray with a black/blue jig with a Fat Albert twin-tail; second BFL at Lake Wylie on a jig with an Ultravibe trailer; third BFL at Lake Norman on a jig with a Pro Chunk trailer; a Ranger Owners Tournament at Kerr Lake against a 334-boat field with a jig and Super Chunk trailer.

    Do you see a pattern here. Thanks, Mr. Chambers. RIP.

  • Shawn Bowen of St Robert, MO writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – Way too many Zoom baits but if I had to say one that I use the most it would be the Brush Hog.

  • Doug Rogers of Cheraw, SC writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – 6 -inch Lizard. Caught hundreds of bass on them.

  • Aaron Snatic of Elizabeth, LA writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The first time I saw that iconic Zoom packaging I was in the U.S. Navy and stationed in Charleston, SC. My first thoughts were who is this "Mickey Mouse" company? After a few months of seeing them and finally reading about them in Bassmaster magazine I gave them a try. I was hooked in a big way from that day forward. In fact, I came to like them so much I was worried about when I got out of the military because at the time no one around my hometown were selling Zoom. Luckily about 6 months before I got out, Lake Charles Tackle opened in Lake Charles, LA and they had a whole wall of Zoom. I was relieved and have been a customer ever since. I even worked at Lake Charles Tackle and sold unknown numbers of Zoom products. To this day, the vast majority of my plastics are in that all too familiar iconic Zoom packaging!

  • Mark Aaron of Gastonia, NC writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – I'll admit it, I'm a crankbait junkie. From the first WEC bait I bought, I was hooked – literally! Sure, I love a fluke, speed craw, Ol' Monster, and anything else that's came out of a somewhat small shop in Bogart, GA, but his crankbaits were something close to a Rembrandt. Ed Chambers set the bar, everyone else is trying to get there. RIP.

  • Cliff Peterson of Canton, KS writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The first time someone showed me the Zoom Brush Hog years ago, I thought it looked really strange, like Dr. Frankenstein assembled it from a bunch of different parts from other baits, and wondered if a bass would really bite something that looked so weird. Heck yeah! I've caught a lot of bass on the Brush Hog.

  • Mike Entile of Aurora, GA writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – A number of years ago, a bass fishing website asked the question: If you could only use one bait for fishing eternity, what would it be? The Zoom Trick Worm won easily.

  • Greg Sutton of Broken Arrow, OK writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – I have won plenty of money on Zoom Speed Craws on a jig as well as the Zoom 6" or 8" Lizard on a Carolina rig here in N.E. Oklahoma. Zoom plastics were the best, bar none. Consistent in color from batch to batch, quality packaging, quality made and value priced in comparison to others! I'll treasure the opportunity to meet up with Mr. Chambers in Heaven to thank him for all of the joys and memories of using his product.

  • Steve Chandler of Melbourne, Fla. writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The U Tail is my favorite worm EVER. The most fish-catchingest worm ever.

  • David Wright of Lexington, NC writes:

    RE: Balog on Chambers – Thanks, Joe! The “master” of wood crankbait creations. And a great friend of 26 years whom I will never forget.

  • Jeff Holland of Winter Springs, FL writes:

    RE: MLF ratings rise – MLF is the pure form of bass fishing. I know I fish the ABA Open Series without practice to push myself to fish the moment and better myself as a pure angler. Keep up the great work, MLF! I wish some new tournament trail would have a no practice/no info trail! I’d pay the $2,000 pro entry to fish it!

  • Larry D. Ellis of Bahama, NC writes:

    RE: MLF ratings rise – Best fishing on TV. Best show on TV. Great Job.

  • Ricky Roach of Central writes:

    RE: Ed Chambers' passing – Breaks my heart to hear of Ed's passing. Ed and Faye was one of my sponsors from 1986 until 1994. They truly cared about all of us and helped us any way they could. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. RIP, my friend!

  • Rick Pierce of Mountain Home, AR writes:

    RE: Ed Chambers' passing – What’s to say... RIP Ed Chambers. Ed was always so gracious. I met him first in the '80s at a boat race and fishing aligned us again through a friend who brought the Zoom Lizard to life. He was a long-distance friend, a real straight shooter. In recent years conversations were few and far apart. Stories about anything from salt to road kill will be remembered and I will always have the few crankbaits he pawed to me, one at a time. True country gentleman and he will be missed by many. Thoughts and prayers for his family.

  • Dennis Pentecost of Milford, IL writes:

    Saw a statement once that said they were trying to make bass fishing tournaments as popular as NASCAR. Well folks, NASCAR is dying. Hope big-time bass tournament organizations take note of this. The blue-collar fan base has given up on NASCAR. With the crazy prices of boats and bass fishing-related items, it could happen.

  • Gary Ponting of Cleveland, OH writes:

    It's possible Pure Fishing could be sold back to Jarden as a whole, the same way it was sold. Other possibilities include Rapala/VMC or a Chinese investment group as most recreational sporting goods companies have sold in the recent past. Thoughts of Zebco purchasing Pure Fishing are highly unlikely due to Zebco being such an old brand with out of date marketing capabilities and no real future direction of current management. Pure Fishing is a perfect fit for an investment portfolio with a good profit margin. Newell needs to shed some companies due to bad investment strategies of the past – Dibold, Mr.Coffee, etc.

  • Wayne Hurd of Milford, DE writes:

    I like the concept of BASSTrakk. A similar system is used in Major League Fishing and it's exciting to see the live standings updated after the angler catches a fish.

  • Brian Waldman of Brownsburg, IN writes:

    RE: Balog on VanDam – KVD: greatest B.A.S.S. angler of all time? Sorry, but that one still rests with Rick Clunn in my book. Humble sportsman, killer win record, career money earner, AOYs, yes, but he (KVD) still doesn't have the career depth yet of Rick.

    On the Bassmaster side, beside the tie with four Classic wins, Clunn has a Megabucks title and a Century Club membership. KVD has neither. Clunn also has at least one major win in every decade going back to the 1970s (five consecutive decades) versus just three decades for Kevin. Clunn's win locations are also just as diverse – tidal, highland, TVA, Midwest rivers, Florida natural lakes, Great Lakes (St. Lawrence), etc. Longevity – more Classic appearances (including consecutively), more Top 10s, Top 20s and Top 30s, and greater total weight.

    But then there is the non-Bassmaster depth. Three FLW Tour wins (KVD did get an AOY). The All-American title. Two WON Bass U.S. Open titles.

    Kevin will eventually break or tie many of the Bassmaster records if he chooses to continue competing ... some in 4 or 5 years, others likely not for another decade or more. We'll just have to wait, watch and see. But, for now ...

    Who's No. 1? That's still Rick.

  • Jim Liner of Montgomery, AL writes:

    RE: Sonar on the learning curve – Very good thinking, Miles.Li fe should be a learning experience for us all. Getting out of your comfort zone is very challenging. Remember that 60% of fishing is a mental process. Good luck.

  • Edward A. Beck Jr. of Palatka, FL writes:

    I thought I was getting all the information on bass fishing ... until I read BassFan.

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    RE: Balog on VanDam – KVD is the only GOAT. I don’t understand how and or why any other angler could possibly be referred to as that.

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