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All Topics   April 2019
  • G. Brown of Richmond, VA writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – I think MLF's approach to having anglers work the Classic Expo is a negative for them. The anglers have sponsors and they should work wherever to support those sponsors, MLF doesn't own them. If MLF thinks their anglers are better than other anglers, and that sponsors "need" to have MLF anglers, then the sponsors should move on to other anglers and say forget MLF.

    MLF anglers are more widely known because they have been promoted heavily over the years. These new anglers on the B.A.S.S. or FLW tours can be promoted just as well and people will see and appreciate them. Give the new faces a chance – I'd rather do that than go along with an organization that wants to control anglers by saying we're all pulling the rope in one direction!

    Isn't it possible for anglers to fish MLF and support their sponsors at other events? It seems Boyd Duckett and others who take his position want to see B.A.S.S. or FLW go by the wayside or be considered second class to MLF.

    Fishermen (women) and the industry need to take a stand and show MLF that they need the support of fans and the industry, rather than the fans and industry needing MLF!

  • John A. Argese of Taylors, SC writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – It seems some of the "fans" keep forgetting some of those big names are also investors in MLF. Duckett has the target on his back because he took on the role of spokesman.

    The MLF is an attempt by some of the anglers to take hold of their own destiny. Isn't that the American way? Take a risk for possible reward?

    One would think, I don't know, a "Knock 'em dead, guys" would be in order.

  • Mark Aaron of Gastonia, NC writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – Boyd Duckett is no dummy, but his tone rubbed some folks the wrong way. He's been a very successful businessman with a track record to prove it. I don't know the breakdown in the money invested by those in BPT, but I'd bet Johnny Morris (a known investor) put the brakes on the idea of not having BPT anglers at other expos. Bass Pro Shops just re-signed a multi-year deal with B.A.S.S., and I'm sure Johnny's not wanting to bite the hand that feeds him.

  • Dave LeVene of Milwaukee, WI writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – While I somewhat understand the owners of MLF's stance, as a fan of bass fishing, all should remember without B.A.S.S. there would be no MLF. The names are mostly recognizable because of B.A.S.S. and later FLW. With limited sponsors within the world of competitive fishing, it seems unreasonable to expect segregation from one circuit to another by sponsors when the largest of them span all three major tours.

    I find it difficult enough to follow MLF tournaments and find the format of the tournaments a bit confusing between Summit Cups, Challenge Cups and now the Redcrest championship ... perhaps it's all too new to a "traditional" bass fisherman who grew up with Parker, Clunn, Brauer and KVD, but I enjoyed going to the weigh-ins and seeing the anglers at these gathering events in person and on TV. I do not see this opportunity in MLF – yet.

    Having the "big names" at the other tour events seems like a no-brainer for the sponsors and MLF should remember the reason they exist is the popularity of the names ... names that were grown in B.A.S.S. and FLW.

  • Jeffray Gooch of Westport, CT writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – Only time will tell, but I am predicting 3 years and out ... there have been several leagues that tried to best the NFL, with the latest not even making a full season. B.A.S.S. is tried and true the greatest and no flash in the pan will overcome it. TV ratings are not there and with that the money will dry up. Hate it for the fishermen and do understand their motivation to go there – can't blame them. Just will sit back and welcome the ones back that come home to B.A.S.S. and FLW.

  • John A. Argese of Taylors, SC writes:

    Remember when anglers were forced to choose between competing on the B.A.S.S. and FLW Tour? You should. FLW did it in 2004.

    Be honest, the unexpected growth is threatening the pro bass status quo. No two ways about it. Maybe they should stop pointing fingers at MLF and start fixing their own house.

  • Sam Fish of Alex City, AL writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – Well said, Boyd. If MLF goes public, I want some stock. No offense to B.A.S.S. or FLW but I don't feel the same about investing in those organizations.

    Boyd, I hope you create a weekend trail with progressions to the top. Would love to fish the MLF format.

  • Chad Keogh of Penticton, BC, Canada writes:

    Boyd on sponsors: "If some of the sponsors don't have as much entrepreneurial spirit as I have and if their risk-tolerance is less than mine, then we'll find a way to work with them."

    I understand Boyd's frustration. When you KNOW you are doing the right thing, but others don't see the full vision and are hesitant.

    But diplomacy is needed to make sure you don't burn bridges.

  • Jim Ebarb of Many, LA writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – The presence of the MLF angers at the Classic Expo isn’t to build B.A.S.S., it’s for the anglers to promote their sponsors wherever there is a crowd and the Classic Expo draws a big crowd. Many anglers that are not with B.A.S.S. attend and work booths of sponsors. It’s their obligation to their sponsors. Refusing to allow them to attend would, in my opinion, cause some sponsors to withdraw their sponsorship from some of the anglers.

  • Jason Ammerman of Grand Rapids, MI writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – After reading this article I deleted my MLF app and will never watch another event or live stream. If you want to make your league better, do it by being better than the rest, not tearing down the rest. I feel that you will see a bunch of MLF anglers fight this and it may even cause them to leave MLF. I think Boyd is the wrong person to take this to the next level!

  • James Melvin of New Wilmington, PA writes:

    Whether you are a fan of the MLF format or not, one has to acknowledge it is a completely different game and requires different skills. The MLF pros can try to spin it that targeting big fish still factors, but the reality is quantity counts more than quality. When BassFan incorporated B.A.S.S. and FLW in the rankings it was like putting Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples in the same bushel. At least they were all still apples. Incorporating MLF is like adding oranges to mix.

  • Matt Mullins of Merigold, MS writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – MLF's stance is clear proof that they are not doing as well as they want everyone to believe. They also appear to have some anglers second-guessing their decisions, especially after participating/attending the 2019 Classic. Should B.A.S.S. have worked with the anglers before the start of the BPT? Absolutely, but the Bassmaster Classic will always be the top event in bass fishing no matter how much money they throw at other events or which pros go to another tour. I think we are seeing an organization trying to stop the bleeding and anglers second-guessing their decisions.

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – Sounds like B.A.S.S. called their mommy (the sponsors) to tell BPT they have to show up.

  • Tom Cox of Canton, GA writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo – Okay, so BD thinks anglers and sponsors are stupid and if they will only do as he says, everything will be good. I wonder how many of the anglers who switched to the BPT realized they turned their careers over to BD? Maybe the no-entry-fee events aren't free after all.

  • Steven Fairfield of Westfield, IN writes:

    I know BPT has their live coverage but I think they are missing out by waiting so long to show their events on television.

  • Matt Birgham of W. Yarmouth, MA writes:

    RE: Bass Fan World Rankings – I don't see how these rankings can have MLF guys. It's not even really tournament fishing. Seems like a different sport.

    BassFan says: Whether the tournament format is five biggest fish per day or all fish measuring 12 inches or more are scored, the rankings can process the finishes. The primary factor is where an angler placed relative to others in the field.

  • Joe Turner of Cleveland, TN writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – Voted “Other." Combine 1st and 2nd place and split proceeds evenly to tied anglers.

  • Gregory Farr of Bristol, VT writes:

    I would be interested to see a "mid-season" report to see how all three major fishing platforms (MLF, BASS, FLW) are comparing. I casually watch FLW, I watch all B.A.S.S. Live events I can, and I haven't tuned into anything MLF-related this year. Honestly, I haven't heard anything about MLF at all. Is it succeeding? I know how reliant they are on sponsors and if the sponsors aren't seeing the numbers they like, I don't think the BPT will last.

    Judging by social media followings, B.A.S.S. is still the most popular format. Also, recently MLF posted something about how their anglers winnings compared to the winnings of the anglers in the other organizations. They quickly redacted the post because it was so poorly received. I think MLF alienates fans while B.A.S.S. and FLW embrace fans and more importantly, they embrace aspiring anglers. Love to hear some thoughts on this.

  • John A. Argese of Taylors, SC writes:

    I've been a fan of pro bass tournaments since I was a kid, the year Rayo Breckenridge won the Classic. Bought the B.A.S.S. recap magazine. I've fished from club and local tournaments to a couple of the old Red Mans. I love the sport.

    In my opinion, MLF turned the sport on its head. Changed it forever and for the better, with one caveat: recruitment of new anglers.

    We may see pros being recruited from both college team ranks as well as B.A.S.S. and FLW Open circuits. Time will tell.

    Gentlemen (and ladies), hold on to your hats!

  • Buddy Beck of Palatka, FL writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – Fast way to determine a winner – who fished the best the last 2 days?

  • Tim Wyckoff of Elyria, OH writes:

    RE: Morgan's Chickamauga win – Congratulations to Andy , just still don’t get this BPT tour deal. It’s not the same and I find FLW and B.A.S.S. more exciting with the influx of new anglers and the original five-fish tournament format. I think BPT anglers made a huge mistake.

  • Martin D. Lamb of Albia. IA writes:

    So B.A.S.S. doesn't have funds to grow beyond pay-for-play but somehow can sponsor a NASCAR team?

  • Dave Krantz of Albany, GA writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – Combine 1st- and 2nd-place money, then split it between them.

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    Kentucky Lake Costa, eight limits in 2 days full field and 13.5 pounds, 2 days, for a check. Carp are destroying tournaments. Which lake in the chain is next?

  • Cliff Peterson of Canton, KS writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – I voted for heaviest bag because the winner can be decided right then with no delay. There is no need for everyone involved in running the tournament to have to stay another day in order for two fishermen to fish. If they went with a fish-off, it should be for an entire day, as one fisherman may have fish located 30 miles or more away and the other fishermen may have fish 5 or 10 miles away. A one-hour fish off would be the dumbest way to decide the winner, as it would force both fishermen to stay close to the launch and basically reduce the outcome to a matter of who chose the best spot close to the launch, and it would be more a matter of luck than skill.

  • Dean Lanternier of Hixson, TN writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – Fish a full day. An hour may result in 0-0 tie. Nothing resolved. Total caught may be same number. Heaviest bag would be a second choice. Fish-offs have been used previously by different folks, and at $100K, the two remaining can afford an extra day.

  • Stephen A. Coulter of Heath, OH writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – Should be a fish-off.

  • Mike Bingham of Florence, AL writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – Go back on the water for one hour. Use weight caught in that hour to determine the winner. If nothing is caught, then use an administrative tiebreaker.

  • Scott Groff of Omaha, NE writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – Rock, Paper, Scissors.

  • Kenny Holland of Jay, OK writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – Total first and second money, and points, split equal amounts.

  • George Fiorille of Moravia, NY writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – Go with largest one-day limit.

  • Chad Grace of Kaufman, TX writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker poll – Fish-off is the only fair way!

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    Great job, Jacob P. And MLF, the best format and fishing show. I had to choose between FLW Live and BPT and BPT got 100% of my data usage.

All Topics   April 2019

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