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All Topics   March 2017
  • Steve Kirby of Columbus, OH writes:

    RE: Angler killed in Texas – I'm trying not to be callous, a life is a precious thing, but with all due respect, we bass fishing folks tend to throw caution to the wind when it comes to seeking our favorite prey. True, these anglers did nothing wrong and I'm not blaming the victims, but when it comes to Mexico, even the fly-in bass camps have to employ a small army to protect the clients. Face it, Mexico's a Third World country with 80 percent of it controlled by one cartel or another. We anglers take our lives in our own hands when it comes to traveling there, or anywhere even close.

  • Dustin Daggett of Twin Lake, MI writes:

    RE: Angler killed in Texas – And to think we have people all over this country protesting our borders being closed. Wake up, America!

  • Walter Oppelt of Frankfort, IN writes:

    RE: Classic poll – I wanted "anybody else," but it was not listed. As far as homies, I'm getting to the point of not being interested. That is very sad to say. Undue advantages are now common for locals. With all of the new tech, a local has a major advantage. Also, freezing your butt off in very early tournaments is getting to be unsafe, but what the heck, it's only a fishing tourney, right?

  • Ron Skibinski of Gardnerville, NV writes:

    When Is B.A.S.S. going to start a Western Open Series? We have some of the best lakes and anglers in the country out here.

  • Rick Pierce of Mountain Home, AR writes:

    RE: Remembering Mabrey – At Bass Cat we are sanctioning the Kyle Mabrey Memorial event on July 1 for $1,000 in Quest incentives. Should a Bass Cat owner win the event, Quest will match the $1,000 and make a donation to the Kyle Mabrey Memorial. Kyle we called a friend – while he ran other boat brands, he was a friend. We spoke about tour-angling challenges, family and stepping out on tour several times when he was reaching to achieve Bassmaster and FLW professional status.

    We are saddened by his loss and will pray for his family and friends.

  • Charlie Hartley of Grove City, OH writes:

    RE: Remembering Mabrey –I knew "that big red headed dude." He was an awesome, positive person with a great passion for life and fishing. He will be missed and thought of often! RIP, bass'n brother.

  • Jim Lamb of Williamsville, NY writes:

    RE: Remembering Mabrey – Great tribute. Especially like the quote at the top of the article.

  • Mark Burgess of Norton, MA writes:

    RE: Remembering Mabrey – I remember when I got the news that Kyle had passed. My mind went to the memory of when I was fishing an FLW Series event on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. There was a lot of debris on the water and I hit something and disabled my boat. Back at the weigh-in I needed a ride to get my boat and get towed in. Kyle offered right away, even though he had his own stuff to get done. The friendship started then. RIP, Kyle.

  • Steve Quinn of Brainerd, MN writes:

    Great article on Kyle Mabrey! Thanks to Blake, Clent, Dave, and Russ for their great stories about this wonderful man. I was highly impressed by his friendliness, confidence, class, and fishing ability when I first met him on Toho at a PRADCO writer's event about 12 years ago. We published some fine photos with his smiling face. He will be greatly missed by all the bassin' community, his coworkers at the hospital, along with his loving family.

  • Chip Dover of Longwood, FL writes:

    RE: Balog on bass senses – I think that the lengthier the study, the more the data evens out. The glitter worm may be the only thing that they like today, so you would say that it is better. But maybe they preferred that color today and never again? Your trailer experience shows they liked it way better that day, but did they prefer it every day? Maybe, but I'm sure that you will throw that jig first next time you are on that body of water!

  • Dennis Pentecost of Milford, IL writes:

    I think Randall Tharp is a great bass fisherman, but he comes off as being arrogant sometimes. Not as bad as Mark Zona!

All Topics   March 2017

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