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Santa's fishing destination narrowed to 5 options

Santa's fishing destination narrowed to 5 options

After a month-long search for the perfect fishing destination, Santa’s pals at Berkley Fishing have helped him narrow his annual post-holiday fishing trip down to five deserving locations. And now he’s asking the world to weigh in on the big decision.

Cities and fisheries around the world submitted their town for the opportunity to win a visit from Santa on Dec. 27, immediately following his busiest day of the year. Santa and the team at Berkley have narrowed down the location finalists to five epic fisheries across the United States and are now asking everyone to help select one lucky fishing destination. In addition to a relaxing day on the water, Santa will bring gifts for children in the community along with a donation of up to $25,000 from Berkley, which will support a fishing conservation project in the surrounding area.

Each of the five finalists was chosen based on its submission, with many boasting about their tight-knit communities, the amazing fishing and a clearly identified need for conservation funding or a special fishing access project in need of support.

The final five towns are:

• Hartwell, GA
• Huntsville, AL
• Springfield, IL
• Panama City Beach, FL
• Long Beach, CA

Santa is asking everyone to vote for the best fishing spot from now through Dec. 12 here. And because Santa never stops giving, every vote includes an entry for a chance to win a Berkley prize package worth more than $500. The winning town will be announced on Dec. 14.

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