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Four top 20 pounds on first day at Detroit

Four top 20 pounds on first day at Detroit

Strong winds kept the field at the Detroit River Northern Toyota Series confined to the river itself on day 1, but four anglers still managed to exceed the 20-pound mark. Troy Stokes led the way with 21-04.

“It was crazy, I started fishing, and I hit some honey holes first thing, and there’s like 10 boats on everything,” said Stokes. “I have some other stuff that no one is fishing and I just kept bouncing around until I hit them.”

Stokes says that he never fished next to another boat after his starting spot, and he caught his bigger fish one at a time.

“I’ve got maybe one school, but they’re not big,” he says. “But it’s a good spot to get a limit. The spots where I caught the big ones, it was pretty much just one big one. I didn’t do anything special, just regular smallmouth stuff. I caught one on a spinnerbait, other than that, it was a drop-shot for the most part.”

Here's a look at the initial Top 10:

1. Troy Stokes: 21-04
2. Scott Dobson: 20-14
3. Dan Mittlestat: 20-09
4. Wilson Burton: 20-07
5. Josh Kolodzaike: 19-10
6. Jim Vitaro: 19-02
7. Tom Beale: 18-13
8. Randy Ramsey: 18-09
9. Mike Trombly: 18-04
10. Matthew Kiefer: 18-01

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