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Yamaha launches rewards program for tourney anglers

Yamaha launches rewards program for tourney anglers

Tournament anglers who use a Yamaha outboard engine could earn some extra money in 2020 based on where they finish.

Yamaha Marine today announced the launch of Power Pay, a new rewards program geared toward giving back to anglers who compete in freshwater and saltwater tournaments.

“Put Yamaha Power Pay on top of such a reliable product, and this becomes an awesome incentive that just makes sense for a ton of hardcore weekend bass anglers, as well as walleye and saltwater competitors. If anglers are not running it already, this program makes it a no brainer to choose Yamaha power,” said Brandon Palaniuk, 2017 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year and former B.A.S.S. Nation Champion.

Anglers not currently under a supported contract with Yamaha, or its subsidiaries, the opportunity to receive compensation for running eligible Yamaha outboards. All program applicants are required to accept and adhere to the Yamaha Angler Code of Ethics before completing the registration for the program. Once registered, the highest placing angler in specified Power Pay sanctioned tournaments that meets all eligibility requirements will be compensated by Yamaha accordingly.

Among the tournament trails sanctioned by Power Pay include all B.A.S.S. circuits (from the Bassmaster Classic down through the High School series), all FLW circuits (from the Pro Circuit down through the High School series), ABA Open Series, Alabama Bass Trail, Bass Champs and Fishers of Men team events. A variety of walleye and saltwater tournament series are also included in the program.

"Power Pay broadens our brand and allows Yamaha and our dealers to support more anglers on a grassroots level,” said David Ittner, Manager of Tournaments, Sponsorships and Pro Staff at Yamaha Marine. “This initiative also underscores our Yamaha Angler Code of Ethics, which encourages conservation, environmental stewardship and exceptional sportsmanship. We look forward to the positive impact Power Pay will have within the salt and freshwater tournament markets.”

For more information and complete terms and conditions, visit

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