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Scoring error changes outcome of another B1 event

Scoring error changes outcome of another B1 event

For the second time in less than a year, officials with the Ontario-based B1 tournament organization have had to change the outcome of an event because of a scoring error.

At the Bay of Quinte B1 Championship Tour event last weekend, the team of Markus and Dave Bardy were initially ruled the winners with a three-day total of 51.66 pounds. They were awarded trophies and other prizes after edging out the team of Chris and Cory Johnston, both of whom are Elite Series competitors.

It was later discovered that weighmaster Ben Woo, who also serves as president of the B1 organization, failed to zero the scales properly prior to the Bardy team weighing its day-3 stringer. It initially weighed 15.35, but Woo didn’t tare the scale to account for the weight of the bag. As a result, 0.52 pounds was later deducted from the Bardys’ total, ceding the win to the Johnstons, who totaled 51.42 pounds.

The B1 organization acknowledged the mistake in a statement posted on the website that carried the live stream of the weigh-in. To view an archived video of the day-3 weigh-in, click here (the Bardys come on stage at 37:30).

“As per protocol for a post event video playback review of the final weigh-in, the tare bag was not placed on the tank prior to weighing the final bag of fish,” the statement said. “It is clear in the video that host Ben Woo tares the scale without the bag therefore adding 0.52lbs (weight of weigh bag) to the final bag weight. This results in having to remove 0.52lbs from the final weight reducing it to 51.14lbs. Therefore, the actual winners are Chris and Cory Johnston and not Markus and Dave Bardy who end up in 2nd place overall. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

Last August, Woo’s organization had to overturn the outcome of the Lake Erie B1 tournament at Port Colbourne, Ont., after officials failed to properly assess a late penalty to the winning team.

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