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Additions to Bass Cat plant completed

Additions to Bass Cat plant completed

Bass Cat and parent company Yar-Craft announced that they've completed construction of a new building and opened renovated additions to one of the existing buildings at the their plant in Mountain Home, Ark. These additions will bring new opportunities, increase production and enhance the overall working experience.

The new additions include a new repair facility, sewing facility and lamination booths with an area dedicated specifically for building new production molds. This expansion will allow Bass Cat and Yar-Craft to increase production capacity by 40 percent.

We are excited to see it completed.," said Bass Cat and Yar-Craft president Rick Pierce (at left in photo). "This will increase efficiency and give Bass Cat and Yar-Craft each dedicated production areas and improve capacity. Through specialized roles, we will improve our training and quality. Our sales department now has the flexibility and capacity to meet the demands of both brands, which we could not do previously. We look forward to watching it all mature.

"Our customers and business partners are happy with the progress we are making. The improvements made possible through the expansion will improve our staff, our product and our overall operations.

Said Correct Craft President and CEO Bill Yeargin (right in photo): It is exciting watching Bass Cat and Yar-Craft grow. Our team is hard-working and we cannot wait for what the future holds with this expansion. We strive to make life better for all involved and we believe these additions will be doing that for customers, employees, vendors and many others.

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