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Chapman partners with Westin Fishing

Chapman partners with Westin Fishing

Bass Pro Tour angler Brent Chapman has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Denmark-based lure manufacturer Westin Fishing. The company's Freddy the Frog offering took top honors in the freshwater hard lure category at this year's ICAST show.

“The craftsmanship on these baits is outstanding,” Chapman said. “You can really tell they are quality and they have great action. The designs are different than what people are used to seeing around here. The style of fishing in Scandinavia is so different. It’s focused highly on predator fish, and I’m already finding crossovers that work well in the bass world as well.”

For Chapman, that crossover came with the Westin Baby Bite DR, a crankbait that’s already pulling fish out of his home waters that he hasn’t seen in years. “That’s a bait I wish I had had during the tournament season,” he said. “It could become a new confidence bait.”

Westin is a longtime premier player in European tackle shops, having first established itself in 1952. Now, the company is making a dedicated push into the U.S. with expanded distribution thanks to an upcoming Wisconsin distribution center and a full-swing collaboration with Chapman to develop baits specifically for bass fishing in America.

“We are excited to have Brent Chapman on board," said Westin CEO Thomas Eldor Petersen. "Brent will be a key player in our development in the American bass market. His experience as an established and skilled tournament angler will be crucial as an active member in our strong product development team.”

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