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Team USA starts strong at world championships

With three teams in the top 8, Team USA leads the Black Bass Fishing World Championship at Cuchillo Lake in Mexico.

The American duo of Scott Martin and Scott Canterbury topped the field of 45 two-man teams with a weight of 15,300 grams, or 33.73 pounds.

Each of the 15 countries is represented by three teams in the tournament. The teams are broken into three groups and countries are awarded “penalties” based on where each team ranks in their respective group.

Team USA had a dominant first day with just 12 penalties. Spain and Mexico are tied for 2nd with 41 penalties.

Fred Roumbanis and James Watson teamed up to catch 13,725 grams (30.15 pounds), good enough for 3rd overall. David Dudley and David Fritts caught 8,045 grams (17.73 pounds) and sit in 8th.

The start of the tournament was delayed one day after Thursday’s competition was cancelled due to high winds and dangerous boating conditions. Team USA can clinch the gold medal with another solid showing Saturday.

Here’s a look at the top 5 country and individual team standings after day 1:

Country Standings
1. United States: 12 penalties (37,070 grams)
2. Spain: 41 (24,025)
3. Mexico: 41 (20,525)
4. South Africa: 42 (24,895)
5. Canada: 54 (16,365)

Team Standings
1. Scott Martin/Scott Canterbury (USA): 15,300 grams
2. Michael Mathee/Justy Varkevisser (South Africa): 14,990
3. Fred Roumbanis/James Watson (USA): 13,725
4. Efen Moya Torta/Xavier Porres Matamo (Spain): 12,180
5. Marcelo Lozano Meade/Jose Manuel Rosillo Valla (Mexico): 10,190

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