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Scanlon lands deal with Bluave Marine Audio

Scanlon lands deal with Bluave Marine Audio

Justin Wagner and FLW Tour angler Casey Scanlon meant by chance with Wagner pulling up alongside Scanlon's truck and noticing a Garmin decal on the side. A conversation ensued, a friendship followed and last week it was announced that Scanlon will endorse Bluave Marine Audio, a company founded by Wagner in Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.

“Casey is outgoing and a helpful guy and I can’t wait to see where our relationship goes," said Wagner, who owns and operates Bluwave Marine Audio and Waves and Wheels.

Scanlon is happy to have Waves and Wheels along with the Bluave Marine Audio stereo and speakers in his boat to show his friends on tour as well as at home.

“Justin has created marine speakers like you’ve never heard before," Scanlon said.

Wagner has always been into boats and audio. He was involved in competitive audio during his school years, which led to a job out West for a large audio company. He headed back to his midwestern roots after a year and in 2001 founded Waves and Wheels.

He opened his first store in 2003 and the business has grown ever since, providing marine audio solutions, upholstery and fabrication services. After two expansions, Wagner is in the process of moving into an even larger facility.

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