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Swindle links up with Lure Lock

Swindle links up with Lure Lock

Wisconsin-based tackle storage manufacturer Lure Lock has entered into a multi-year partnership with two-time Bassmaster Angler of Year Gerald Swindle, the company announced today.

"Gerald Swindle is one of the most respected anglers in the world," said Jessica Kriesel, Lure Lock marketing coordinator. "He only endorses products he believes in. Only after countless hours of testing did he agree to partner with the Lure Lock brand, and we are so excited to be working with such an icon."

The company launched its initial product line, featuring its proprietary gel that holds items in place even when the box is flipped over, last November.

"Lure Lock is one of the hottest brands in the fishing industry," Swindle said. "They are literally turning the tackle storage industry upside down. Lure Lock not only holds your gear in place, it protects your hooks, keeping them razor-sharp. I'm not going to worry about losing a $100,000 fish with a dulled hook anymore."

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