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Prvonozac sets early pace at Grand

Prvonozac sets early pace at Grand

Nick Prvonozac grabbed the early lead at the Grand Lake Southwestern FLW Series with a 19-12 stringer. He'll begin day 2 of the three-day event with a 1-14 lead over 2nd-place Matt Arey, with veteran Tommy Martin another 15 ounces back.

FLW reported that the gray, drizzly conditions hindered bed-fishing opportunities. Prvonozac caught two from the nests, but garnered two of his biggest specimens while fishing conventionally.

Here's a look at the initial Top 10:

1. Nick Prvonozac: 19-12
2. Matt Arey: 17-14
3. Tommy Martin: 16-15
4. Todd Castledine: 16-12
5. Drew Boggs: 16-06
6. Chad Warren: 15-13
7. (tie) Russell Cecil: 15-09
7. (tie) Matt Copper: 15-09
9. Kyle Cortiana: 15-08
10. Bradley Hallman: 15-05

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