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Coulter lands Beef Jerky Outlet deal

Coulter lands Beef Jerky Outlet deal

Beef Jerky Outlet has announced its sponsorship of Bassmaster Elite Series angler Brandon Coulter and as part of the partnership, fans will have the chance to win an all expenses-paid fishing trip with him at fabled Lake St. Clair in August.

I go 100 miles an hour, 365 days a year, and what Im going to eat for a meal is extremely low on my priority list," Coulter said. "Between fast food on the tournament trail and high-carb eating I really started to feel it when it came time to compete at this level. Tournament fishing is serious work and Im certainly not getting any younger."

After the 2016 season Coulter started a rigorous no-carb diet and began eating beef jerky because it fits his on-the-go lifestyle.

Beef jerky is the greatest food ever, Coulter said. Ive lost 25 pounds in six months and really feel great. It definitely allows me to stay alert and focused while fishing because physically Im in good shape now.

Coulter has been a popular angler on tour with fellow pros and fans due to his relationship with Corona Extra USA. Now that Beef Jerky Outlet has loaded him up with hundreds of sample packs, his popularity should continue to grow.

In addition to his competing on the Elite Series, Coulter will also be making appearances at some of BJOs 90 current locations during the remainder of the season. In addition, fans can visit to sign up and be entered to win the fishing trip to Lake St. Clair with Coulter.

Bass fishermen and their families are our customer," said Beef Jerky Outlet CEO Scott Parker. "Theres not a more American sport than fishing and nothing says America like beef jerky. Thats certainly been true for a long time but we like to say that beef jerky fans arrive in 'beef jerky heaven' when they visit our jerky franchise stores. It seems as though our guests are always wearing a smile because we offer them a unique sales proposition Try Before You Buy. Guests are invited to test our different products until they find the flavor thats just right for them.

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