Brent Chapman
Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Brent Chapman
Photo: Brent Chapman

Practice Recap
Honestly, I donít know how (practice) went. Iíll know in a couple days. From talking to a few people and what I found, itís tough. Itís a grind. Iíve done well in these types of events in the past and I have a couple places I feel if that I hunker down, I should be able to catch a few fish, but itís not like I have several different patterns working.

The river looks better than Iíve ever seen it. The grass is amazing and I hope itís an indication of how itíll be in a couple years.

We donít have that good of a tide. It seems like the good tide is first thing in the morning. Once it switched and came in, I never had a bite rest of the day. The early morning will be critical. Thatís when weíll have our best tides. I had some bites Monday afternoon and went back to those places twice on incoming and canít get a bite. Tells me that tide is really important.

In years past, it seemed like could get in an area and catch a few just fishing around, but the wind has made it hard to fish some areas. Iíd rather see it not be so windy.

The Potomac always fishes small. Thereís enough water to get away, but itís like everywhere Ė if you take yourself away from the people, youíre probably taking yourself away from the fish. As good it looks all over, there are key areas you better be in. Typically, Iíve done well on tidal waters minus the Delaware. I actually like fishing tidal water except for the Delaware. Iíve always liked the Potomac and Iím hoping this can be another good one. Itís probably one of the most important tournaments for me in a long time.