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Cayuga Lake Elite Series

Practice Recap
Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday was a lot about eliminating water. I checked some areas that, in the back of my mind I wanted to go see. They didnít pan out. The wind picked up today and 10 to 20 (mph) was more like 20 to 30. Itís been blowing. Hopefully, tomorrow it will calm down because I think the wind has a lot to do with how they bite. When it blows, they donít tend to bite. Itís muddied up some areas and from what I can tell thatís not necessarily a good thing.

I found some areas Tuesday where I had some bites so Iím excited to get back out there and see whatís there. Itís amazing how this place feels like two different lakes right now. Part of it feels like itís already full-blown post-spawn and the other part there are fish that are just moving up to spawn. Iím sure some of us are seeing it as a curveball. I figured thereíd be some on bed and some guarding fry, but it looks like bed-fishing will be viable option if the wind cooperates.

A good start Thursday will be key because I think those bedding fish will be picked over pretty quick. I think Iím going to focus on the north end and make the most of it. It suits my style the best and I felt like I got more bites up that way so Iím sticking with that. Itíll fish considerably different than last time.

Brent Chapman
Monday, June 20, 2016

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Day 1 Practice Summary
Iím amazed at how different it is now than it was in August the last time we were here. Thereís a lot of grass out there, but not the right kind of grass. Because of that, youíd think itíd be better fishing since they have fewer places to hide, but all of my old waypoints all I caught today was pike.

Iím starting from scratch and fishing different stuff. From reports Iíve heard, there have been some tournaments here and itís taken some weight to win, but itís definitely different from the last time. Maybe I didnít realize it because weíre so used to it at home and thinking itís summertime that it would be further along, but the water temperature was only about 65 degrees on average today.

This is do or die for me at this point. I have to have a great finish here and I didnít have the kind of day I was hoping for. We had a strong south wind and that made it tough. Weíre supposed to get a front tonight and hopefully after that comes through, things will stabilize.

I wish Iíd have got out there and gotten on a good pattern, but I have to remember good tournaments arenít always based on good practices. The fish seem to be really scattered out. Itís a typical post-spawn scenario. Itíll probably be another junk-fishermanís type of deal here. Somebodyís liable to go down the lake, though, where the waterís colder and find some good fish. It threw me a curveball that way today.

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