Jay Yelas Ė†Day 2 Practice
Monday, June 06, 2016

The fishing was awful tough for me today and several other guys I talked to. Iím not real sure what the fish are doing. They donít seem to be out deep like they were the last time we were here. They seem to be in that transition phase, like the lake is a little behind seasonally. I saw a lot of fry today so it seems theyíre heading that way.

I rode down to New Johnsonville today and the grass is all gone, which is odd because I was here last October for a media event and it was matted out. They did have some high water and rain over the winter so maybe that killed it, but I didnít see a blade of grass all day.

Iíve had a couple Top-5s out of Barkley, but the section Iíve fished in the past is off limits because of the All-American, so thatís out the window. It looks like Iíll just be fishing Kentucky Lake this week. Itís a big body of water and it takes more than a day to find Ďem. I had two keepers all day and I didnít see many on the graph either out deep. I know theyíre there, I just have to find them.

The water temperature is in the mid to upper 70s, which is kind of cool for June and thatís another reason why I think things have been a little behind.