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Pickwick Lake FLW Tour

Jay Yelas Ė†Practice Summary
Wednesday, May 04, 2016

On a lake like Beaver, a 10- to 20-mph wind is nothing. It actually helps the fishing. Here, the lake goes east to west so a north or northwest wind comes down the lake and comes into the current. It makes for a rough boat ride and also the stuff offshore will be tough to fish with the wind blowing. That could hurt the weights. This will be an in-between tournament. Itís what you expect for the first week of May. It wasnít an unusually warm spring. April was a cool month for the South and that slowed things down a bit.

Itís an interesting setup for a tournament with the cooler weather combined with water fluctuation issues. You canít see the fish here so you donít know if theyíre on beds. There are some fish on ledges and you can catch them and do decent with that. There are a lot of fish on the bank, but theyíre more focused on the shad than around bedding areas.

I had a slow second day and a good third day so Iím going to fish the lower end and catch a mixed bag of smallmouth and largemouth. Itís definitely not wide open. Guys are griping that it could take more to cash a check at Beaver than it would here. I laughed at that.

Jay Yelas Ė†Day 1 Practice
Sunday, May 01, 2016

Today, the lake was 6 inches below pool so there was not much on the bank to fish. Iím sure I was like a lot of guys trying to get that to work, but I wasnít able to get that to work. I found the bite to be kind of slow. I caught four that were 3 pounds or over and one close to 5. I think I only had five keeper bites all day. It wasnít a good start. I think Iím going to look at Wilson Lake tomorrow.

Pickwick has changed. It has a ton of grass in it now. Thereís hydrilla above the Natchez Trace bridge. Itís never had it up there. I went about halfway down the lake today and didnít go to the lower end. I plan to look there on Tuesday. Today, in talking to some guys, they were catching fish, but it wasnít on fire, but thatís how it was at Wheeler (for the Elite Series). On the Tennessee River, itís all about finding that magic spot where they get wadded up. These fish are in transition now, but the waterís so dirty that if theyíre on beds you wouldnít be able to see them. I donít know what stage theyíre in, but I didnít see any fry. Iím just guessing that theyíre mostly done spawning.

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