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Harris Chain Elite Series

John Murray – Competition
Friday, March 7, 2008

It was just one of those tournaments where I never got on track. I lost a 5-pounder on day 1 and a 7-pounder today, and those were the only two big bites I had.

I ended up mostly flipping a Senko and throwing a ChatterBait. I was on some fish that were sort of pre-spawn, and with the weather they moved up and started spawning. I didn't follow them in soon enough.

You'd have had to be on a few more fish than I was to really have anything going. And my execution wasn't great – I tried to swing that big one today and lost it. Execution's pretty much the name of the game on this circuit.

John Murray – Practice
Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The first (practice) day was pretty fair – I had 11 bites on three different baits fishing areas I know from the past. I don't think any of them were real big, but it gave me a fair amount of confidence.

On the second day I only had four bites, but two of them were 5-pounders. Then late that day I started seeing a few fish on beds and I looked around a lot (Wednesday), and I only got two bite.

I'll just have to pick a lake and pick a technique and go do it. I've fished here for 23 years and never done well, but I'll keep trying.

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